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Zapier's automation tools integrate with Excel to make spreadsheets less tedious


Anyone who has tediously entered endless rows and columns of data into an Excel spreadsheet by hand has probably quietly prayed for a better way. Good news: Zapier's new integration with Excel Online means that you can now automate some of the process. Zapier taps the REST API used by Excel Online, which allows the online version of Microsoft Excel to pull in data from various online sources. Microsoft's native app, Excel 2016, also allows you to tap data various sources like the Web, SQL Server, or Microsoft Access to pull data. But Zapier's hook is that updates to those data sources will also trigger updates in the corresponding Excel spreadsheet.

Why You Should Stop Using Spreadsheets (and Find a Smarter Way to Manage Your Data)


"Whatever you want to do, you can do it with Excel," my colleague, Greg, motioned to me, over a round of burgers and fries. At the time, I was still in the training phase of a new job working as a programmer in a large, NYC-based media company, and was still learning the ropes. Over the following weeks, Greg taught me all he knew about how to make a powerful spreadsheet. "You can use it for creating templates or to make a solid report, " he said knowingly. I didn't know much at the time, so needless to say, I followed his advice and began using Excel for basically everything.

R and Excel: How to Combine the Best of Both Worlds


R and Excel go together like macaroni and cheese. There's no need to choose one over the other, as there are numerous packages and extensions that allow them to work together. Just because you have an xlsx file doesn't mean you can't analyze it with R. Likewise, you can write R code to populate and manipulate Excel spreadsheets. Today you'll get a grasp of two tools used to manage communication between R and Excel. These are readxl and Bert.

Master Microsoft Excel with this $40 training


Microsoft Excel is the industry-standard spreadsheet program used by companies worldwide. Anyone serious about data analysis or data visualization needs to learn Excel as it has more built-in functions and formulas than its chief competitor, Google Sheets. Believe it or not, you can easily learn how to master Microsoft's flagship software in a cost-effective way and on a busy schedule. Right now, you can save hundreds on The Complete Excel Excellence Bundle, featuring eight in-depth courses and over 47 hours of hands-on training to get you up to speed on essential to advanced Microsoft Excel skills. Normally $648, Engadget readers can get the full bundle for $40.

Use NiFi to process Excel spreadsheets in automated workflows - Hortonworks


Use of data in Excel spreadsheets is commonplace in the enterprise and often results in widespread yet highly manual and loosely defined dataflows. The manual and loose nature of Excel data flows are at odds with the automated way we expect data to move through the enterprise. As a result, these Excel data flows lack the accuracy, speed and transparency leveraged by automated flows. Shouldn't Excel data flows be automated too?