YouTube: A parent's guide to watching, hosting videos

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It's only 12 years old, yet YouTube is already the preferred video platform of the younger generation. It was the birthplace of the viral video (remember Charlie bit my finger?), and has since morphed into a legitimate destination for entertainment and programming. Pretty much any kid who's been around a smartphone or tablet has found something to watch on YouTube. If you're reading this on a computer or mobile device, odds are you know YouTube. YouTube has more than a billion users, which amounts to 1 in every 3 people who use the Internet.

Advertisers pull out of InfoWars' YouTube channels


The exposé even caught the non-profit USA for UNHCR inadvertently running ads on InfoWars, and it's going one step further by pulling all ads from YouTube. It and other organizations are asking if they can recoup the advertising money they spent on InfoWars' channels.

These 9 wonderfully niche cooking channels on YouTube will inspire you


You can find many delightful ways to waste your time on YouTube, but one of the best is to spend an afternoon looking at cooking and food channels. There are plenty of regular food channels out there for the usual aspiring chef and hungry human being. Then there are channels that focus on far more specific (and interesting!) ways to cook and appreciate food. From the vintage to the innovative to international cuisine, here are the greatest YouTube offerings in cooking. You'll get hungry watching them -- and you might even make yourself something delicious.

Top adverts found on racist and Nazi YouTube channels - report

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An investigation by CNN found hundreds of brands advertising on extremist YouTube channels. It's the latest skirmish for the no. 1 video network that has been trying to clean up its act. According to CNN, some 300 brands including Hershey, Hilton, Nordstrom, Netflix and Amazon had ads that appeared in places most of corporate America would shy from --sites for white nationalists, nazis and extremist views. In response to the CNN report, YouTube issued a statement saying it removes offensive ads when they are flagged. "We are committed to working with our advertisers and getting this right," the statement said.

8 Ways to Market Your Business On YouTube


YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and home to over 1 billion users. Collectively, this audience is watching a total of 5 billion videos per day. Those are staggering numbers, and yet so many businesses fail to maintain a consistent presence on the massive media platform. It's a crucial mistake during a time when video marketing is more important than ever. Nearly every brand worth its salt can and should be taking advantage of this traffic.