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After you have stepped through the questions, you will be shown a summary of your answers and requested to confirm that the summary is correct. If the summary is incorrect, you may easily go back and change your answers. You will then be asked to pay via a highly secure RBSWorldpay credit card payment page. Immediately you have paid, a set of Adobe PDF documents will be made available electronically to you. These documents are already'filled in' for you using the information you provided when you answered the questions and they consist of the documents you need for your new company.

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While working on a PhD in astrophysics, Chris Moody used supercomputers to simulate how galaxies crash into each other. For his first nonacademic job, he joined Square as a data scientist in 2013. About a year later, he started talking with some data-scientist friends who were employed at a startup called Stitch Fix, an upstart e-commerce service that delivered boxes of women's fashion, known as "Fixes," using a mix of algorithmic and human curation.Moody was mystified. "What on earth are you guys doing at a clothing company?" he recalls asking, admitting that his sartorial taste at the time hewed to "what costs less than ramen?" Their response, though, sent his brain firing.

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Q. How to retreat from the company retreat?: I work for a small company (12 people in our office) that is pretty tight-knit. Of my co-workers, there are three women in their early-to-mid 20s (myself included in this group) and the rest of the office is comprised of men aged 40 to 60. An interesting office dynamic, but we all mostly get along well. However, I feel boundaries are being pushed after I recently found out about an upcoming company retreat where all of us are expected to spend the night at my boss's vacation house about two hours away from the city we work in. We've been told that a big focus of the trip will be "team bonding" with mention of drinking games.