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10 WordPress Plugins Using AI to Improve Your Website in 2020


The technological world is growing in such a way that everything includes innovation and automation. Starting from the computers that have begun to write codes without the need of the programmer, till hospitals and schools, everything is getting more advanced. These technological advancements are the major thread that tends to hold the bright future of any organization. And with the introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the machines are becoming intelligent and smart in a way that no human would need the support of any external being. The same goes for the case of CMS.

10 WordPress Plugins Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Do you want to use artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies on your WordPress site? There is a chance that you might already be using one. In this article, we will share some WordPress plugins that are using artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer smarter features for your website. If you follow the news, then you must have heard the words artificial intelligence or machine learning being mentioned. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are computer technologies that are used to offer smarter solutions in computer devices, apps, GPS devices, smart TVs, home assistance devices, and more.

Which WordPress Plugins Use the Latest AI Technologies?


The most widely-used CMS platform, WordPress, can boast of utilizing the latest technologies to improve its functionality and provide users with exceptional opportunities. This resource uses artificial intelligence to help website owners manage content as well as plan posting and other procedures. The modern technologies continue developing and such popular platforms as WordPress are looking for the most efficient ways to utilize the fruits of progress. Let's take a closer look at some plugins that actively use AI. Of course, WordPress has much more to offer, however, we are going to focus on some simple modules that might interest every website owner.

9 WordPress Plugins That Use Artificial Intelligence


In the last year the biggest minds of the globe like Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates began to publicly worry about artificial intelligence (AI) that is slowly entering our everyday lives. Other tech leaders like Google's Eric Schmidt claim that AI is not something we need to necessarily be afraid of. Artificial intelligence makes it possible for a software to learn from experience, and make decisions based on its acquired knowledge. This feature results in an enhanced usability, as the AI algorithm observes the behaviour of individual users and with time adapts to their unique needs. There are many of these smart WordPress plugins that utilize AI as their core function.