Inside Xbox event will showcase updates to 'Minecraft,' 'Sea of Thieves'


Xbox fans have a lot of news and announcements to look forward to this weekend as Microsoft's X018 event is underway in Mexico City. Tomorrow at 4:00 PM EST, X018 will host a special two-hour live edition of Inside Xbox, the monthly show covering all things Xbox. Microsoft is gearing up for the holiday season by making announcements about some of its biggest Xbox titles including, Crackdown 3, Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2 and Forza Horizon 4. Several guests will also make appearances, such as head of Xbox Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Matt Booty and Minecraft studio head Helen Chiang. Also on the docket for tonight's show is the announcement of over a dozen new games for Xbox Game Pass. Fans can snag some in-game goodies for Sea of Thieves and Forza Horizon 4 if they watch on the Xbox Mixer channel while logged into their Microsoft account.

Xbox One's parental control time limits now apply across Windows and Android


The Xbox One's October 2019 update gives parents much more granular control over how long their kids can use different apps and games. The update allows parents to set time limits on a per-app basis, which will apply regardless of whether a child is using the app on an Xbox One console, Windows 10 PC, or Android phone using the Microsoft launcher. The update, which is rolling out now, also adds new notifications for when wish list items are on sale, and better integrates Microsoft's Mixer streaming service into the console's dashboard. Parents have previously been able to set limits on the amount of time a child can use the console, but the difference with the Xbox One's latest update is that these time limits can be set on a per-app basis. In theory, a parent could give their child a one hour limit to play Minecraft, but leave them two hours of dedicated Netflix time.

Five to Try: Amazon Prime Video hits the Play Store, and The Walking Dead begins March to War


It's been a busy week in the gadget world thanks to the IFA convention, which has brought us the likes of the LG V30 and Moto X4--but even if you don't need or want a new Android phone, there are still plenty of fresh apps and games available for the one you already have. Our Five to Try column highlights the week's biggest app debuts, and the long-awaited Play Store release of Amazon Prime Video takes the spotlight this week. The Walking Dead: March to War might be a look for fans of the zombie-apocalypse franchise, while Duolingo's Tinycards is a slick learning app, Microsoft's Mixer Create lets you live stream from mobile, and Sega's classic Golden Axe returns in a new free rendition. Amazon's video app finally has a home in the Play Store. Hooray, Amazon Prime Video is now in the Play Store!

'Minecraft' will be the first game ever to support cross-console play


The world is about to get a whole lot bigger for Minecraft players on Switch and Xbox One. One of Microsoft's show-stealing announcements at E3 amounts to a significant milestone in the video games industry: for the first time, people on different consoles will be able to play the same game together, at the same time. SEE ALSO: 'Minecraft' players on the autism spectrum find a safe space on the Autcraft server It'll happen later this summer as part of Minecraft's next major update, playfully dubbed "Better Together." Cross-platform play is definitely the headline -- it's bigger than two consoles, as you'll see in a moment -- but there are actually lots of elements at play here. The cross-play capabilities are only possible because Better Together converts the Switch and Xbox One versions of Minecraft over to the Bedrock Engine.

Xbox sees 'Minecraft' players connecting on all platforms in the future


Imagine a gaming landscape where you could invite your friends on iOS, Oculus Rift and, yes, PlayStation 4 to come see the Minecraft world you've built on Xbox One. Back in March, Microsoft took the first steps toward making that a reality by giving developers the freedom to program cross-network play into their games. While nothing that connects PlayStation and Xbox users has materialized yet, Xbox boss Phil Spencer is all in on making that happen. SEE ALSO: 'Rocket League' is a historic first step toward PlayStation vs. Xbox games "I think at Xbox previously, the leadership had made different decisions," he told Mashable following Microsoft's E3 2016 press conference. "But I want to embrace this thing; it's good for developers, it's good for gamers."