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Andrew Garfield thanked the LGBTQ community in his Tony acceptance speech. Here's what he had to say backstage

Los Angeles Times

"It is the profound privilege of my life to play Prior Walter in'Angels in America' because he represents the purest spirit of humanity and especially that of the LGBTQ community," Garfield said in his speech. "It is that spirit that says no to oppression, it is a spirit that says no to bigotry, no to shame, no to exclusion. It is a spirit that says we were all made perfectly and we all belong. So I dedicate this award to the countless LGBTQ who have fought and died to protect that spirit. To protect that message for the right to live and love as we are created to.

VIDEO: Backstage at Eurovision 2016

BBC News

Ukraine's Jamala has won this year's Eurovision Song Contest, held in Stockholm, Sweden. As usual the show was a colourful and glamorous spectacular, but what went on behind the scenes?

Victoria's Secret models slammed for allegedly singing the n-word backstage


Some Victoria's Secret models have been slammed for allegedly uttering the n-word while singing along to Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow." In a video posted by a Twitter account called Pop Crave on Tuesday, the clip shows models singing backstage at the fashion show, which took place in Shanghai this year. Most of the models in the video appear to be white, and sing along to the lyric in Cardi B's song, which goes: "I don't wanna choose / And I'm quick, cut a ni**a hustle / Don't get comfortable." Naturally, people were less that forgiving to what they had just seen in the video, including perhaps Cardi B, who retweeted the video. That n-word was too loud and clear for there only to be one black girl in this room

Meet BTS backstage at their first UK show

BBC News

The BBC's Sophie van Brugen met up with them to find out why their fans (who call themselves the Army) adore them so much.

Here's what it's like to wander around backstage at the Oscars with a bunch of celebrities


You may recall that Jimmy Kimmel took a bunch of famous types to surprise moviegoers on Sunday night. SEE ALSO: Jimmy Kimmel's Oscar monologue slams Harvey Weinstein, which is correct Well, now Kimmel's channel has released some backstage footage shot on a phone showing the celebrities making their way over to the cinema, giggling and chatting happily. It also shows the team being given the treats they subsequently dished out, and the moment when Mark Hamill introduced himself to Gal Gadot.