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OpenStack Newton arrives, promising advances in virtualization, bare-metal provisioning and containers


Newton brings more security and resilience, said the OpenStack Foundation's Jonathan Bryce. OpenStack has released Newton, the 14th version of the open-source cloud software. The OpenStack Foundation said new features will improve the user experience for container cluster management and networking, as well as scalability and resiliency. It said updates to the Ironic bare-metal provisioning service, Magnum container orchestration cluster manager, and Kuryr container networking project will make it easier to integrate containers, and virtual and physical infrastructure under one control plane. Products and services based on OpenStack Newton would become available "in the coming weeks and months", it said.

OpenStack Newton serves up a heaping helping of scalability


The next release of OpenStack made its debut on Thursday with a raft of new features for better scalability and resiliency. Architectural and functional barriers can make it difficult for companies to scale their clouds up or down across platforms and geographies, but OpenStack's 14th release -- dubbed Newton -- does away with many of those limitations. The open source cloud-building software now includes improved scaling capabilities in its Nova, Horizon, and Swift components, its makers say. New improvements bolster the horizontal scale-out of Nova compute environments, while others add convergence by default in the Heat orchestration service as well as multi-tenancy improvements in Ironic. On the resiliency front, Newton adds new features for high availability, adaptability, and self-healing.

OpenStack Stein: A new cool drink of open-source cloud


An introduction to cloud computing from IaaS and PaaS to hybrid, public and private cloud. While OpenStack is concerned with more than just Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud these days, it's still primarily an open-source cloud open-source consortium. In its latest release, OpenStack Stein, the cloud comes with significant network management, bare metal, and containers improvements. For its users, which include many telecoms, the network management part is the most tasty part. OpenStack Neutron, its networking-as-a-service component, now boasts Network Segment Range Management.

Red Hat doubles down on OpenStack


You know Red Hat as the world's leading Linux company. What Red Hat wants to be known as these days is the world's leading private cloud company. To make that happen, Red Hat has embraced the open-source OpenStack infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud. At Red Hat's headquarters, the company has decided to move from being a Linux giant to a cloud power. Red Hat's plan has run into some difficulty.

Learning OpenStack - Programmer Books


OpenStack is a free and open source cloud computing platform that is rapidly gaining popularity in Enterprise data centres. It is a scalable operating system and is used to build private and public clouds. It is imperative for all the aspiring cloud administrators to possess OpenStack skills if they want to succeed in the cloud-led IT infrastructure space. This book will help you gain a clearer understanding of OpenStack's components and their interaction with each other to build a cloud environment. You will learn to deploy a self-service based cloud using just four virtual machines and standard networking.