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5 data trends brands should include in 2018 digital marketing plans


If you're a brand builder who wants to nail your 2018 marketing plan, it is crucial to understand data trends. To ensure your marketing plan is as successful as possible, track the following five data trends in 2018.

Leading Marketing Excellence with Next-Generation Analytics


Many companies are not as "leading-edge" in terms of analytics as they think. Achieving marketing excellence is based on making good marketing decisions. Making good marketing decisions involves highly skilled marketers, strong data and, above all, quality analytics. If you have good people, great data, and superior analytics, the customer will be at the center of all your strategies and operations. When you get this right, the customer experience will grow, and when that grows, so does revenue and profitability.

How To Choose An Analytics Recruitment Agency?


Finding the right talent in data analytics, data science, artificial intelligence, and other related fields is critical to a company's overall health. And if the company wants to outsource hiring analytics talent, it is important to choose the ideal recruitment agency. There are various factors to consider -- from specification to the budget -- for picking the right agency. Here we break down the process, brick by brick. First and foremost, a company needs to define why it wants to hire analytics professionals.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the Future of Graphs


Data analysts are leveraging immersive analytics to easily interpret each bit of data available to them and make better decisions. Businesses of every size are utilizing data to enhance their daily operations. Although data has a lot to offer, not every company is able to use it optimally. And that is because data structures are complex and very hard to interpret. There are different types of analytics that offer descriptive or predictive insights by analyzing data. But even they analyze or predict based on specific patterns in specific sections of the database and not the entire dataset.

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