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OurMine just hacked a bunch of WWE accounts


Notorious hacker group OurMine is back at it, hacking social media profiles to let the world know just how easy it can be to get inside an account. This time, the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) group is at the receiving end. Several Twitter accounts affiliated with WWE, including those of WWE Universe, WWE NXT, wrestler and celebrity John Cena, WrestleMania, WWE Network and Summer Slam were hacked Saturday with the group OurMine claiming responsibility. Some of the tweets have already been taken down, but others are still visible to the millions of people who follow WWE accounts. Additionally, WWE's official Tumblr page was also compromised.

OurMine retaliates against BuzzFeed for exposing an attacker


The account hijackers at OurMine are fond of intruding into the personal worlds of their celebrity targets, but they don't respond kindly when someone turns the tables. BuzzFeed is recovering after OurMine compromised its website in retaliation for an article that claimed a Saudi teen is likely responsible for many of the group's attacks. The OurMine team "altered several posts," including the article in question. The stories should return to normal soon, BuzzFeed says. OurMine didn't mince words on the modified posts.

HBO hacking woes continue: this time on social media


HBO just can't catch a break. The cable network got hacked again, though this time, the perpetrators targeted its social media accounts. A hacker group called OurMine took over the company's Facebook and Twitter accounts not to ask for millions or to steal more GoT episodes, but to "test [their] security." OurMine is known for targeting high-profile social accounts and even got Netflix's and Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter accounts in the past. BREAKING: Yet another hack problem for HBO tonight...this time to it's social media accounts

Even Mark Zuckerberg isn't safe: Hackers target Facebook CEO's Twitter and Pinterest

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has had his social media accounts hacked. According to reports, the social network CEO's Pinterest and Twitter accounts were compromised, with hacker group OurMine claiming responsibility. In a message posted on Twitter through Zuckerberg's own account, the group claimed it had found his password in leaked LinkedIn in password dump. Mark Zuckerberg's social media accounts have been hacked by Saudi-based group OurMine. The group has claimed responsibility for accessing the Facebook founder's Twitter and Pinterest accounts, using the hacked accounts to post messages claiming responsibility Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg's Pinterest and Twitter accounts have been hacked.

Hackers Threaten HBO Again: 'Westworld' Season 2 Might Be Leaked

International Business Times

It seems like hackers are still targeting the network giant HBO, and this time, they have infiltrated its social media networks. According to NME, hackers briefly got hold of HBO's Facebook and Twitter accounts, and they even had control of the social channels for "Game of Thrones" and "Westworld." The hackers, who chose to go by the name "OurMine," even tweeted about their attack. We are just testing your security," a now-deleted tweet read. The hackers even tried to get the hashtag #HBOleak trending, and they threatened to expose information unless HBO complies with their demands.