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Udemy expands corporate learning platform for businesses with new features


Udemy announced an expansion of its corporate learning platform on Thursday, unveiling Udemy Business Pro as a way for companies to further enhance their employees' technical skills. Udemy said the Business Pro platform will offer employers new features like Udemy Paths, skills assessments, workspaces, and hands-on labs across critical skills in information technology, software development and data & analytics. Instructors with Udemy helped design the Business Pro tool to be an "end-to-end learning experience" that helps employees keep up with evolving industry demands through pre-curated Udemy Paths and risk-free practice environments. Udemy Business president Greg Brown said their customers are experiencing major workplace changes, especially when it comes to upskilling and role development. "We believe the pandemic has served as a catalyst for the already rapid shift to online learning, and Udemy Business Pro is the next iteration in supporting that shift," Brown said.

Skills Gap Research 2017 Udemy Skills Gap Report


The vast majority of workers in geographies Udemy surveyed feel their countries are facing a skills gap, but a varying number say it affects them personally. Looking beyond the numbers reveals a confused workforce struggling to take control in the face of constant change.

Strengthen your piano skills with this Udemy course for less than $10


TL;DR: While social distancing, use your time indoors to work on your piano skills with the Piano For All course for $9.99, a 95% savings as of May 13. It's been a little over a year since Marie Kondo's tidying up method took over the world, but people are still following her tips -- especially while social distancing. Spending more time at home has everyone either baking or cleaning so it's likely that you've been walking around your home deciding what you should keep and what you should get rid of. If a piano or keyboard is one of things you've been avoiding answering the question of whether to toss it (wrong choice) or actually learn how to play it (right choice), we have your answer. For just $9.99, you can finally put the beautiful instrument to use and reach an intermediate playing level in no time.

Udemy's e-learning platform might be the only personal development training you need.


Tech is among the fastest-moving, fastest-changing fields in the modern world. Even for the savviest of tech brainiacs, there's too much happening too fast to stay on top of it all. That's why it's important to identify the places you can turn to in order to learn all that late-breaking information and get up to speed when a new opportunity presents itself. Udemy can be that place for tech-focused achievers. After 15 years as one of the premier locations on the web for personal development, Udemy is now home to over 183,000 video courses covering virtually any business growth area possible.

AI Skills Among The Most In-Demand For 2020


Python, React (web), Angular, machine learning, and Docker will be the five most popular tech skills ... [ ] in 2020. These and many other fascinating insights are from Udemy for Business' 2020 Workplace Learning Trends Report: The Skills of the Future (48 pp., PDF, opt-in). The report provides compelling evidence of how important it is to prepare workforces for the future of work in an AI-enabled world. Udemy predicts 2020 will be the year AI goes mainstream. The report states that "In the world of finance, investment funds managed by AI and computers account for 35% of America's stock market today," citing a recent article in The Economist, The rise of the financial machines.