Save £100 with this deal on the Vector robot by Anki


Listen up because robot sidekicks are now a reality. We aren't quite to the point where we can command our robot friends to complete all our housework while we sit back and relax, but we've made the first steps. Aware and reactive, Vector by Anki is so much more than just a home robot. Vector uses a HD camera to see the world, meaning it can identify people, see and remember faces, and navigate around without bumping into things. Oh and it can also hear.

This journal may be the habit-changer you need


Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Are you the type of person who sets twenty alarms in the morning and then snoozes through all of them? When you wake up, do you lay in bed and scroll mindlessly through Facebook for half an hour? Maybe you just need some inspiration. The makers of the Morning Sidekick Journal have you covered.

Elgato's control pad is a livestreaming sidekick


Just like the extra buttons dedicated to MMO macros on the gaming keyboards of yore, the Stream Deck's buttons are aimed to give users quick access to things nested deep in program files. The keys are shortcuts to suit your streaming style, whether that's firing up Twitter, starting/stopping a stream on Twitch, changing volume levels or dropping in a GIF. Finally, the keys themselves are essentially tiny LCD screens that can hold custom icons. Because who doesn't want to drop in their favorite ridiculous thumbnail into their tiny keypad?

These are the self-improvement journals you'll actually use


Productivity and self-improvement apps are basically shoved down your throat the minute you open the app store, but for a lot of people, nothing beats good'ol pen and paper. If you're the analog type and find writing more cathartic and therapeutic than typing, you may want to opt for journals instead of apps for reaching your personal goals. Below, you'll find a list of self-help journals that can serve as your guide through becoming a better you: True, sustainable mental wellness comes with practice. You can't just do random meditation sessions sporadically and expect to reap maximum benefits. Rooted in behavioral science and designed with an engaging three-section structure, Meditation Sidekick Journal contains curated tools, inspiration, and guidance to help you create a more consistent meditation schedule and eventually learn to meditate effectively on your own.

5 unique notebooks that'll help you stick to your 2019 resolutions


If you're finding it borderline impossible to check items off your 2019 to-do list, you're not alone: An analysis conducted by the project management platform Redbooth revealed that people complete just 7.2% of their yearly tasks in January, making it the least productive month of the whole year. "This may be because the early year is typically for setting goals, not completing them," Redbooth noted in a press release. That sounds like a challenge, wouldn't you say? If it's one you choose to accept, we're here to help you get it together. For a limited time, the Mashable Shop is stocked with five different notebooks and planners that are specifically designed for helping you meet your 2019 goals.