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Wearable AI and its rising penetration in healthcare industry


Globally, the adoption of wearable artificial intelligence (AI) will be primarily driven by increasing concerns among consumers towards health and fitness. Rising prevalence of obesity and other cardiac illnesses around the world will boost the adoption of these devices. Wearable AI gadgets such as smartwatches and fitness bands are equipped with sensory hardware to monitor health-oriented vitals, including heart rate and blood pressure and can help improve early detection of diseases. Innovative advances in technology have resulted in continuous enhancements in the design and functionality of smart wearables. The availability of these devices at affordable prices will create a large consumer base for wearable gadgets in the coming years.

Facebook Patents AR Glasses: 4 Ways The Device May Change Communication

International Business Times

Many tech pundits have predicted that smart glasses are the future of mobile communication. Michael Abrash, Oculus' principal researcher, stated at last year's Facebook F8 conference, "20 or 30 years from now, I predict that instead of carrying stylish smartphones everywhere, we'll wear stylish glasses. Those glasses will offer VR, AR and everything in between, and we'll use them all day." In August, Alex Kipman, who helped create HoloLens technology, said, "The potential of these devices [AR glasses] is that they could one day replace your phones, TVs, and all these screens.

Mixed Reality-Based Apple Glasses Concept Gathers Steam With Vrvana Acquisition

International Business Times

The buzz around Apple Smart Glasses is getting stronger, with the newest development being Apple's acquisition of Vrvana, a crowd-funded startup which has made a camera-based AR and VR headset, as per a TechCrunch report published Tuesday.

Facebook: Tech firm to launch first set of Ray-Ban 'smart glasses' next year

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Facebook's first pair of smart glasses -- made in collaboration with luxury eyewear manufacturer Ray-Ban -- is to be released next year, the tech firm has revealed. The announcement coincided with CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealing his vision for the future of augmented reality (AR) -- bringing holograms of friends into your home. While this dream may seem especially appealing amid present coronavirus-related restrictions, however, such a future may still be some way off. In fact, the smart Ray-Bans will not have an integrated display, the Verge reported -- but may feature recording capacity or a voice-activated assistant. Facebook has confirmed that the product will operate by pairing with a phone.