The Generation of Textual Entailment with NLML in an Intelligent Dialogue system for Language Learning CSIEC Artificial Intelligence

This research report introduces the generation of textual entailment within the project CSIEC (Computer Simulation in Educational Communication), an interactive web-based human-computer dialogue system with natural language for English instruction. The generation of textual entailment (GTE) is critical to the further improvement of CSIEC project. Up to now we have found few literatures related with GTE. Simulating the process that a human being learns English as a foreign language we explore our naive approach to tackle the GTE problem and its algorithm within the framework of CSIEC, i.e. rule annotation in NLML, pattern recognition (matching), and entailment transformation. The time and space complexity of our algorithm is tested with some entailment examples. Further works include the rules annotation based on the English textbooks and a GUI interface for normal users to edit the entailment rules.

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We are working with Carnegie Mellon University, California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Harvard Medical School, The University of Washington, and the University of California, Berkeley on this program.

82-year-old goes 'Back to School' with his college freshman granddaughter

FOX News

Rodney Dangerfield may have played a successful businessman who went back to college with his chagrined son in the 1986 movie, "Back to School," but Rene Neira, 82, is in college for real, and his granddaughter and fellow student is thrilled about it. Melanie Salazar, 18, and her grandfather are both enrolled at Palo Alto College, in San Antonio, Texas. She is a freshman, just starting her liberal arts education, while Neira is taking the last class he needs for an associate's degree in economics. The inspiring story of Salazar's grandfather went viral after she posted a tweet about how proud she is of him. Her message has been retweeted 2,200 times and liked 5,200 times.

Who Is Ashley Hasti? Reported Mainak Sarkar Ex-Girlfriend's Minnesota Death Linked To UCLA Murder-Suicide

International Business Times

A woman found dead in Minnesota could be another murder victim of the man who law enforcement has named as the gunman in the murder-suicide Wednesday on the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles, according to a new report. Neighbors identified the woman as Ashley Hasti, a University of Minnesota Medical School student in her early 30s, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Hasti has been identified online as either the current or ex-girlfriend of Mainak Sarkar, and multiple photos on his Facebook page show the two together. Hasti's neighbors said Thursday that police had questioned them about her. Police in both Los Angeles and Brooklyn Park, the small town on the outskirts of Minneapolis where the woman was found dead, declined to confirm Hasti as the victim.

Man accused of impersonating Harvard-trained doctor at San Diego hospital

Los Angeles Times

A man who claimed he was an anesthesiologist at Sharp Grossmont Hospital and a graduate of Harvard Medical School was arrested Thursday on an impersonation charge after he was found in the hospital's doctor's lounge, according to police and hospital officials.