19-Year-Old Israeli Teen Caught Urinating On Memorial At Auschwitz

International Business Times

An Israeli teenager was arrested after he was caught urinating on a memorial commemorating victims of the Holocaust at Auschwitz this week, reports said Wednesday. The 19-year-old was reportedly on a visit to the former Nazi concentration camp in Poland, when he was caught relieving himself. Witnesses told the authorities that the teen urinated on a monument near the ruins of the crematoria in the Birkenau part of the former Nazi concentration camp. A guide spotted the teen in the grounds and reported to the guards and police, according to the Times of Israel. The unidentified man was arrested by the authorities on Wednesday and held for several hours, he was later released after the police accepted a fine of $1,500.

Technology brings images of Holocaust survivors to life

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Recollections from survivors of the Holocaust are now being preserved so that people from future generations can interact with them. Survival stories from victims of the Nazi regime, which killed around six million Jews during WWII, are being transferred into holograms. The University of Southern California Shoah Foundation was founded in 1994 by film director Steven Spielberg and has around 55,000 audiovisual testimonies. Interactive technology allows museum visitors to have a dialogue with survivors even after they're gone to'learn from the world's mistakes'. Recollections from survivors of the Holocaust are now being preserved so that people from future generations can interact with them.

Israel criticises Poland over proposed Holocaust law

BBC News

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has criticised a proposed bill that would make it illegal to describe Nazi death camps as Polish.

Holocaust Remembrance Day: Memorial March Hosted At Auschwitz

International Business Times

Monday marked the March of the Living, an event that thousands attended in Poland at the site of the Auschwitz concentration camp to commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day. People hailing from around the globe, many of whom were Israelis, attended the event that honored the lives of those who died in the large concentration death camp, the Associated Press reported. The annual two-mile March begins at Auschwitz and ends at the Birkenau death camp. Marchers congregated underneath the camp's known entry sign, which translates to "Work Will Set You Free," and the march began in silence. The event was live streamed; a follow-up March will commence in Israel Tuesday, May 2, according to the event's website.

Nazi Germany: Auschwitz Database Revealing Nazis Who Served At Concentration Camp Published Online By Poland's Institute Of National Remembrance

International Business Times

The Institute of National Remembrance in Poland has released the names of more than 9,000 Nazi SS personnel who served as guards and commanders at the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp. Most of those named were Germans and evaded formal trials despite their involvement with the Holocaust and war crimes. "Today is a historic day, but this is just the beginning. We start with Auschwitz, but we will expand the database to other concentration camps," the Institute of National Remembrance's Jaroslaw Szarek said Monday after the named were announced. Aleksander Lasik initiated research for the database back in 1982.