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Cord cutting is getting pricier, but there's one sure way to keep it cheap

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When even veteran network TV programmer Garth Ancier cuts the cable cord, you take notice. He explains why he did, on TalkingTech. The days of saving money by cutting the cord from cable TV services may be ending. Consider two events from this week. AT&T, which just got approval from the Justice Department to swallow up Time Warner, quietly jacked up the starting rate of its DirecTV Now cable alternative TV service to $40 monthly, from $35.

Miss the Hi-Fi? Google, Apple & Sonos amp up their smart speakers

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Four new features that make Google Home a better connected speaker than it was--but it still has growing pains, reports USA TODAY's Jefferson Graham on Talking Tech. SAN FRANCISCO -- In another era, young tech geeks saved their money for a state-of-the-art stereo system: a great turntable, powerful amplifier and an absolute killer set of stereo hi-fi speakers. That went away with the advent of digital and listening to music on computers, then phones and earbuds or tiny, portable speakers. Cut to 2017, and it's the odd return to the loud-speaker wars. Google's Rishi Chandra speaks about the Google Home Max speaker.

Streaming, smartphones and no more cash

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Jefferson Graham visits an Amazon Go store in Seattle, where an app gains you entrance to the store, and there are no lines or cashiers to check you out./ Murphy Brown returned this week and she got herself a lesson on how to tweet. Yup, that's how out of it she's been. In case you missed it, the hit show that originally debuted in 1988 returned to CBS Thursday in a revival. Thirty years later, for Talking Tech readers, this seemed like a great opportunity for us to look back at three decades of how our lives have changed with technology.