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5 gorgeous gadgets for a connected kitchen

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We want our smart devices to assist us in the kitchen with minimal issues, but cooking's still an art form and our tools are our instruments. What would a virtuoso be without her beautifully crafted violin? That's why we've sought out smart gadgets that are aesthetically pleasing, but still highly functional. I'm all about the Click and Grow, a smart garden that requires minimal human effort. This device grows herbs and vegetables with little special care or attention, which is perfect for someone like me.

The Best Tech Gadgets


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40 cool gadgets that make great gifts


The term "gadget" covers a wide range of devices. There are gadgets for the kitchen, entertainment, self-care, and so much more. We like to think of a gadget as an item that simply makes life easier -- a solution to a daily struggle for which society has surpassed the need. But let's not equate "gadget" with "dinky last-minute gift that'll get lost in a junk drawer." The good ones typically achieve a nice balance of coolness and utility.

18 tech gadgets under $50 you probably don't need but will definitely want

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We all loved playing with toys as kids, and that really hasn't changed in our adult lives. But the kind of toys we seek out is certainly different. We rounded up 18 fun gadgets and gizmos that are cheap enough you won't feel guilty buying them, but weird enough you'll get to feel like a kid again when they arrive on your doorstep. How often do you wish you could communicate to other drivers with more than a wave of a hand (or a particular finger)? The Drivemocion LED car sign lets you do exactly that.

These 8 gadgets can help you garden indoors and outside

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Founded by soil scientist Jason Aramburu and designed in conjunction with sustainability advocate, Yves Behar, the Edyn Smart Garden System is the product of research in farming communities in Panama and Kenya.