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Robotic fabric stiffens and relaxes in response to changes in temperature

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Scientists have created a robotic fabric that stiffens and relaxes in response to changes in temperature, which could be used in emergency situations. The material, developed at Yale University in the US, is equipped with a system of heat sensors and threads that stiffen to change the fabric's shape. Under heat changes, it can bend and twist to transform itself into adaptable clothing, shape-changing machinery and self-erecting shelters. Video footage shows the material going from a flat, ordinary fabric to a load-bearing structure supporting a weight, a model airplane with flexible wings and a wearable robotic tourniquet that activates in response to damage. 'We believe this technology can be leveraged to create self-deploying tents, robotic parachutes, and assistive clothing,' said Professor Rebecca Kramer-Bottiglio at Yale University.

Quoting meets artificial intelligence


According to the annual "Financial Ratios & Operational Benchmarking Survey" from the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association International, the average usually hovers around 30 percent, though the range varies widely depending on a fabricator's customer mix and specialty. For some the ratio is actually much lower. Of all the time and effort estimators spend answering requests for quote, only about 30 percent of their work turns into something of value--a work order. Put in manufacturing terms, the quoting process has a 70 percent "scrap" rate. Sure, a high reject rate is the nature of the quoting beast (some prospects are probably just window shopping), but it's still an extraordinarily inefficient beast.

3Diligent Expands ProdEX and Shopsight Applications


Its Shopsight application provides users access to project opportunities from ProdEX and enables remote assessment, quoting, and project management. Both systems incorporate 3Diligent's Connect interface which enables customers and manufacturers to communicate directly using a secure online portal and Zoom video conferencing tools. Operating similarly to traditional search engine marketing, manufacturers can create text ads that will display based on a customer's material and technology requirements. However, unlike traditional search engines, Connect is driven by RFQ inputs rather than generic keyword searches. As a result, manufacturers can customize their bids and visibility on dimensions such as material, technology, and program size to drive higher ROI.

Introduction of fence equipment China Roll Forming Machines Supply and Manufacturer


Fence equipment is a set of rolls can produce the finished product of the molding unit. Fence equipment mainly by the passive loading frame, leveling device, cutting device, hydraulic, computer control system, easy to operate and so on. Fence plate angle V-shaped high-speed keel pressure machine: is a new type of fence column products, its shape like steel fork in general. The equipment for the automatic computer control, automatic production equipment, sheet production in the rolling process, the machine will punch into the desired shape of the plate, after the completion of the stamping, automatic measurement of the size of the machine measurement accuracy, high precision products; Of the production rate of 0-15 meters per minute, is a low-cost, easy to operate and maintain the cold forming equipment. Our company is a professional production Color steel roll forming machine series, floor board series, glazed tile series, CZ steel series and guardrail board equipment, vehicle profiles and various cold-bending equipment.

Thyssenkrupp aims to make child's play of IIoT with 'Toii' - Internet of Business


German industrial giant Thyssenkrupp has built and deployed its own Industrial IoT (IIoT) platform within its materials services business, in order to link together machines of different makes, models and generations.