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5 advanced Firefox hacks to level up your browsing

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Whether your computer runs Windows or macOS, Mozilla Firefox makes a great default browser. The free program is quick, intuitive, and packed with features. Once you dig past the surface-level options, you can find some more advanced Firefox hacks. These features include app troubleshooting, expert tab management, and new ways of surfing the web. In this guide, we'll go beyond the Firefox basics to ensure you're getting the most out of your browser.

How To Remove 'Mr. Robot' Firefox 'Looking Glass' Add-On

International Business Times

Users of the popular web browser Firefox recently discovered their browser contained an add-on called "Looking Glass" that they did not install, causing confusion as to how the add-on go there.

5 more Firefox add-ons that boost browser productivity


As we've mentioned previously, Firefox's vast library of add-ons makes it easy to build the browser into a productivity juggernaut. We uncovered a few more must-have customizations for improving your online workflow. The Firefox start tab isn't exactly motivating; in fact, you're more likely to be seduced by the search bar into wasting time than starting on the day's tasks. This add-on kickstarts your productivity by making your essential sites and services the first thing you see when you boot up your browser. StartHQ turns turns the Firefox start page into a productivity dashboard.

How to tell your Firefox tabs to come back later


Mozilla recently launched another great experimental feature for Firefox that many users should find helpful. The feature is called Snooze Tabs, and it tells Firefox to stash a tab and bring it back at a set time. This is really helpful for those occasions when you need to close a tab, but don't want to forget about it. It also saves you from cluttering up your bookmarks with temporary saves, or putting URLs into a read-later service such as Pocket--recently acquired by Mozilla. If you haven't already, start by installing the Test Pilot add-on from Mozilla's site.

How to tweak the new Firefox 57 Quantum browser to suit your preferences


Mozilla's new Firefox 57 Quantum browser has been well received, with TechRepublic claiming that it "could take Chrome's position as the king of browsers". If you are thinking of trying it, here are some tips on setting it up. Indeed, Firefox has changed so much has that current users may also learn a few things.