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Sandeep Pulim M.D. on LinkedIn: #AI #technology #live


I'm launching a brand new live series called "TechTime with Tanmay". In Episode 1 on Friday, Jan 24 at 10 AM EST, you will hear from the experts Robert High (IBM Fellow & CTO - IBM Edge Computing) and Sam Lightstone (IBM Fellow & CTO for Data - IBM Data & AI) as we debunk popular misconceptions surrounding #AI. During the show, you can ask us questions and derive insights from their years of experience in their fields of #technology, #live from the IBM Toronto Software Lab on YouTube: Will AI take over #humanity? Is AI going to replace all our #jobs?

Myth-busting AI won't work


People have myths because that is one kind of response to the unknown. If you take away their myths, you may leave them with nothing. That's why a very well-intentioned, thoughtful effort of scholars over at the Mozilla dot org foundation to debunk nonsense about artificial intelligence is bound to fail. The new website, AI Myths, purports to debunk pernicious lies and mischaracterizations about artificial intelligence, such as the notion that AI has agency, or that "superintelligence is coming soon." What the very astute authors have failed to confront is that people have no idea what AI is.

Getting Specific About Algorithmic Bias - Rachel Thomas


This talk was presented at PyBay2019 - 4th annual Bay Area Regional Python conference. Description Through a series of case studies, I will illustrate different types of algorithmic bias, debunk common misconceptions, and share steps towards addressing the problem. About the speaker Rachel Thomas is a professor at the University of San Francisco Data Institute and co-founder of, She was selected by Forbes as one of 20 Incredible Women in AI, earned her math PhD at Duke, and was an early engineer at Uber. Rachel is a popular writer and keynote speaker.

Debunking the 68 Most Common Myths About Big Data – Part 1


The web is just chockablock with good articles that claim to dispel the most common misconceptions or myths about Big Data. Since even today there are still a larger percentage of companies, particularly SMBs that haven't embraced Big Data or advanced analytics I thought it would be interesting to try to catalogue these misconceptions. It turned out not to be that easy. Reviewing just a dozen or so of these articles yielded 68 myths to be debunked! Yes there was some duplication (6 votes for'It's a Fad', 5 votes for'It's the Solution to All Our Problems', and so forth).

Digital Skills Training with Liverpool City Council


The Business Growth Programme at Liverpool City Council is delighted to be able to offer the Facebook Digital Skills Training programme to its SMEs and entrepreneurs. All the skills in the workshop can be applied to supporting you to develop yourself alongside your current role or whatever your goal or future career plans! The workshop is provided by The Extraordinary Club in partnership with technology giants'Facebook,' alongside Liverpool City Council All partners are committed to addressing the digital skills gap and equip you with the essential digital skills needed in order for you to compete in today's workplace. Specific digital skills are key to unlocking opportunities for job seekers and addressing the shortage of digitally skilled workers in the UK, so whether you want to up-skill yourself alongside your current role, refresh some knowledge or use the skills to help you with your future career then this training is for you! In the workshop we will cover 2 key modules in 2.5 hours Cyber Security – we help you to understand the dangers of the web and provide core methods to protect yourself including how to spot a phishing scam and even see into the lives of a hacker and how easily they can gain information.