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Rock Out in a Perfectly Restored Range Rover for Just $170K


Jaguar Land Rover has a rich heritage of building cool cars, and lately, it's started up a new tradition of turning that patrimony into patrimoney. Three months after Jaguar relaunched the 1950s-era XKSS, its SUV-slinging sibling has started "Range Rover Reborn," a program to revamp cars it built in the 1970s for life on today's roads. The XKSS program involves making new cars based on old specs, the way the Amish build barns. This scheme, by contrast, is all about restoring decrepit machines that look like they've been living in barns, and selling them for truckloads of money. The British automaker isn't the first to cash in on people's appetite for its classic work.

The ExoMy is a programmable $600 Mars rover you can build yourself


From Sojourner to the much bigger Curiosity, robotic rovers tend to come in all shapes and sizes. But few will go down as adorable as the European Space Agency's new ExoMy rover. Better yet, this one you can make yourself with the help of a 3D printer. ExoMy is a 42cm (about 16-inch) replica of the ESA's Rosalind Franklin rover, which after missing its 2020 launch window, is now slated to make its way to the red planet in 2022. It comes with its bigger sister's "triple-bogie" suspension system and you can customize the face portion, which holds the rover's camera, with different hats -- if the default option isn't cute enough. You can download everything you'll need to make it work -- including assembly instructions and software -- through GitHub.

Could this machine roam Venus?

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This Venus rover concept looks like something out of science fiction -- from the 19th century. Researchers are studying the possibility of building a steampunk Venus rover, which would forsake electronics in favor of analog equipment, such as levers and gears, to the extent possible. "Venus is too inhospitable for the kind of complex control systems you have on a Mars rover," project leader Jonathan Sauder, an engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, said in a statement. "But with a fully mechanical rover, you might be able to survive as long as a year." "Inhospitable" may be a bit of an understatement.

OWC unveils Rover Pro wheels for the Mac Pro


Is your Mac Pro going places? It will be with the new OWC Rover Pro wheel kit. Now, OK, Apple do make a wheel kit for the Mac Pro, but for $699 that's pretty steep for many people, even people who've just dropped many thousands on a Mac Pro. OWC's Rover Pro kit is normally priced at $249, but you can pick them up right now at the special pre-order price of $199. So, what is the Rover Pro wheel kit?

Land Rover Range Rover SV Coupe revealed, priced from $295,000

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Land Rover's Range Rover has received the coupe treatment. It's a limited-edition SUV dubbed the Range Rover SV Coupe, and Land Rover is offering it at a starting price of $295,000. Just 999 are planned for worldwide sale. Land Rover unveiled the Range Rover SV Coupe on Tuesday at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show. As the name suggests, the vehicle was developed by Jaguar Land Rover's SVO personalization department, and right now it has no real direct competitor.