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Labor Day Weekend Drinks 2017: 10 Cocktails To Celebrate The Holiday

International Business Times

Labor Day Weekends is America's last chance to celebrate the summer season before gearing up for fall. The holiday was created by the labor movement in late 19th century, but it didn't become a nationally recognized holiday until 1894. Labor Day is observed on the first Monday of September. Americans nationwide take the time to devote a weekend-long celebration to the annual holiday. It is often celebrated with barbeques, parties, beach trips.

When to Say When: Study Says Limit Alcohol to 1 Drink a Day

U.S. News

About half the participants said they had more than 100 grams of alcohol a week. There's variation from country to country as to how many grams of alcohol are generally found in a standard drink. But in the U.S., 100 grams is equivalent to what's in seven 12-ounces cans of beer, 5-ounce glasses of wine, or 1.5-ounce shots of rum, gin or other distilled spirits.

Alcohol's cancer risks outweigh any health benefits, study shows


Drinking alcohol is a direct cause of at least seven forms of cancer, and the more you drink, the higher your risk, a new analysis found. The report's author said she hoped to cut through the barrage of studies and stories that can leave readers with conflicting views of alcohol's effects. After all, isn't a nightly glass of wine supposed to be good for you? "There is no argument, on current evidence, for a safe level of drinking with respect to cancer," Jennie Connor, the author and a professor of epidemiology at Otago University in New Zealand, wrote in the analysis, published Thursday in the scientific journal Addiction. She added that studies touting the perceived health benefits of casual drinking are "seen increasingly as disingenuous or irrelevant," given the rising risks of a range of cancers.

Presenting the Bad Hombre and the Nasty Woman: Cocktails to Get You Through Election Night

Mother Jones

Bite is Mother Jones' new food politics podcast. Listen to all our episodes here, or by subscribing in iTunes or Stitcher or via RSS. If this year's presidential race hasn't made you want to shotgun an IPA at full speed, then you haven't been paying attention. Even the most reserved of us have probably reached for the bottle more than we'd like to admit. But election night is nearly upon us, and to toast the end of the shit-show as the total counts come in, we're going to need some drinks.

Are nightcaps healthy?

FOX News

Believe it or not, ending your day with a glass of wine or a serving of port may help your health in more ways than one. Here are four unexpected reasons a nightcap may be good for you. A nightcap could help your ticker. "If you're not a wine lover, go ahead and pour yourself your favorite stout," Natalie Rizzo, MS, RD, owner of Nutrition à la Natalie, told Fox News. "Even though wine gets all the love, some research shows that beer might be just as healthy."