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Hispanics are 'waking up' to the Republican Party: Rep. Salazar

FOX News

REP. SALAZAR: We are waking up, the largest minority in the country, 60 million people, 20% of the population. Finally, we are realizing that those values are entrenched in the Republican Party: God-fearing, law-abiding, taxpaying. And not only that is that the GOP is welcoming us and I am the best example. Do you remember that phrase that was said during the Clinton years is the economy? What do you think that we come to this country for, to go to Disney World or to go to Saks to shop?

Slovenia: Anti-immigration party to make gains as polls open

Al Jazeera

Polls have opened in Slovenia for the country's parliamentary elections with the anti-immigration Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) set to pick up most votes. SDS leader and former Prime Minister Janez Jansa was forced to resign five years ago after a corruption scandal but has made a comeback, thanks in part to his strong rhetoric on immigration. The right-wing leader, who formed a close partnership with populist Hungarian leader Viktor Orban, has vowed to defend the "Schengen border of Europe". Slovenia was a key transit route for migrants and refugees trying to reach northern European states during the European refugee crisis of 2015. Most were fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.

Australian senator blames mosque attacks on immigration -- and gets an egg in the head

Los Angeles Times

An Australian senator had a raw egg cracked over his head and faces censure from his fellow lawmakers after sparking outrage by blaming Muslim immigration for the New Zealand mosque shootings. Sen. Fraser Anning came under blistering criticism over tweets on Friday including one that said, "Does anyone still dispute the link between Muslim immigration and violence?" "The real cause of the bloodshed on New Zealand streets today is the immigration program which allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place," he said in a statement. Television cameras caught a 17-year-old boy breaking an egg on Anning's head and briefly scuffling with the independent senator while he was holding a news conference Saturday in Melbourne. Police said the boy was arrested but was released without charge pending a further investigation.


International Business Times

Austria's presidential runoff election must be held again, the Constitutional Court ruled on Friday, handing the Freedom Party's narrowly defeated candidate another chance to become the first far-right head of state in the European Union. The decision comes a week after Britain delighted anti-EU groups such as the Freedom Party (FPO) by voting to leave the bloc. Concerns about immigration and jobs featured prominently in the Brexit referendum, as they did in Austria's knife-edge election. The court said that widespread irregularities in the counting of the more than 700,000 postal ballots cast meant there was enough doubt over the election's outcome for a re-run to be ordered.

Swedish Liberal Party to Back Social Democrat Lofven as PM

U.S. News

September's election delivered a hung parliament and the two major blocs have been at loggerheads over how to form a government without the support of the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats, a party with roots in the white-supremacist fringe and who hold the balance of power.