Google gives Android Files Go a big speed upgrade: Share 100 photos in 5 seconds


Google's popular Android file-management system, Files Go, now offers faster file transfers, faster connections, and more secure file sharing. Google has released a "major upgrade" to the app's feature for sharing files with people nearby. Files Go was originally designed to help users in India deal with limited storage and patchy network coverage, but has since also been launched in China and is available globally with about 10 million users. The app leaked out in November and Google has been steadily updating it with new features, and testing them via a beta channel. The app offers a snapshot of available storage space, tools to free up space, and a peer-to-peer feature that lets users share files or apps with friends who are nearby without needing the internet.

Google: Expect Android Pie Go on new phones this fall with more storage space


Android Files Go gets a lot faster: Share 100 photos in 5 seconds. Android 9.0 Pie is so far only available for Pixel and the Essential PH1 phones, but the Go edition of Android Pie is also coming soon with improvements for ultra-cheap smartphones. Google has announced its Go edition of Android Pie, the follow-up on the first Oreo Go edition for phones with as little as 512MB of RAM. The first of these phones, including HMD's Nokia 1, went on sale earlier in April. Android Go is part of Google's effort to convince feature-phone owners to switch up to an Android smartphone and expand Google's mobile reach.

Android Go phones will be available soon


Android Oreo had quite the interesting feature lurking in its software: Go Edition, which was designed for smartphones with 1 GB of RAM or less. Today, the company announced that the first set of Android Oreo (Go Edition) phones will be unveiled next week and be available for purchase soon after that.

Chase finally signs on with Android Pay


The wait is finally over if you've been pining for your Chase cards to work with Android Pay. Chase just launched a dedicated site that details which of the many different debit and credit cards can now can be plugged into your Android Pay app. The list includes Chase debit, business debit, Slate, Freedom, and and the various rewards cards the bank offers. To get started, grab your card and follow our guide to set-up Android Pay. Even if you don't use Chase, there's some good news for you.

These are the best Android phones you can buy

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If you're in the market for a new smartphone, your first choice is pretty simple: Apple or Android? While plenty of shoppers will simply default to the newest iPhone, just as many (and perhaps more) opt for the customization and variety of the Android ecosystem. But with so many different Android devices out there, picking the best requires a lot of research. Luckily we've done the hard work for you, testing the top Android phones on the market in our state-of-the-art labs. While there's no perfect phone, if you prize good design, a beautiful display, great battery life, and a killer camera, these Android phones should do the trick.