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Watch Microsoft's Xbox Series X gameplay stream here at 11AM ET


Microsoft's first Xbox 20/20 stream, which will showcase gameplay from upcoming third-party Xbox Series X games, starts at 11AM ET. You can watch the entire Inside Xbox live stream below or follow along as we write about the latest news to come out of the event. As for what you can expect to see, we know Ubisoft will share footage of Assassin's Creed Vahalla in action. Beyond that, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer tweeted the company will show off several brand new games, from "studios large and small," during the stream. That said, don't expect to see any first-party gameplay reveals; Microsoft plans to show games like Halo Infinite later this year.

Microsoft Digital Bookstore Launching Next Month

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A sign for Microsoft is seen on a building in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on March 18, 2017. It's long been rumored that Microsoft was planning on adding e-books to its Microsoft Store. Next month's Windows 10 update will finally bring this to life. On April 11, users will be able to read books on Microsoft Edge, the company's browser. This is an interesting choice for distribution considering the fact that Edge is not available on Android or iOS systems.



Microsoft's new piece of hardware may have been the highlight of their briefing this afternoon in Los Angeles for E3, but there were plenty of games to back up what would otherwise just be a cold slab of metal. A battle royale-style, multiplayer survival game set in a snowy landscape. A two-dimensional, cyberpunk open-world game with four districts in four distinct styles to explore. It's an action, adventure, exploration, narrative driven, musical-laser-light-battle kind of game."

Grab an Xbox One S and 3 Games for $50 Off


Microsoft's Xbox One S is a thin, quiet game console with a 4K Blu-ray drive tucked away inside. While the upcoming Xbox One X will be the pick for demanding gamers, the S is a perfect console for the rest of us. If you want to save some money on an Xbox, Microsoft is selling its console bundled with a bunch of games for a great price right now. The capacious, 1 TB version of the Xbox One S plus Halo Wars 2 and two additional games of your choice can be yours for only $299, $50 off. And before you complain about the lack of games you can pick, there are some surprisingly awesome titles available like Fallout 4, Overwatch, Star Wars: Battlefront II, and Destiny 2. This deal is only good until October 1st, so pick up your custom bundle soon!

Microsoft reveals every game enhanced for Xbox One X


Microsoft has dribbled out details of Xbox One X visual upgrades over the past couple of months, but now it's laying all its cards on the table. The company's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has posted a list of all the games currently slated to get some kind of Xbox One X enhancement. Some of them you'll already know about or would expect, such as many recent Microsoft-published games (including Quantum Break), Assassin's Creed Origins and Wolfenstein II. However, there are plenty of older and indie titles also in line, such as Astroneer, Firewatch, Hitman and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The list looks impressive at first blush, but it's also important to remember that only some of the games will be Xbox One X-ready when the console launches on November 7th.