Microsoft chief Satya Nadella reveals government's artificial intelligence plans


Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella has revealed the Australian government will be among the first in the world to deploy artificial intelligence "bots" to deal with inquiries from citizens. As the tech giant looks to lead in the new era of cognitive computing, Mr Nadella told a technology developers' conference in Sydney on Wednesday morning that increasingly intelligent technology would allow human-like interaction with complex business systems. Mr Nadella told The Australian Financial Review after the speech that the Department of Human Services had completed the largest deployment of the Windows 10 operating system in the Asia-Pacific region and was now working on AI-powered applications. He said the DHS was working to create a smart software-driven conversational bot, which could help in reducing the amount of time citizens had to wait to speak to human staff.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella joins Starbucks' board of directors


Starbucks has long had a fondness for technology in its coffee shops, and it's now reflecting that philosophy in its directors. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has just joined the Starbucks board, giving the restaurant chain a major voice from the technology industry. While it's not clear just what got Nadella on to the board (besides his clout in Seattle-area business), he doesn't mince words about his potential contribution -- he believes his "years of experience" in tech will play an important role. Notably, Nadella hasn't been quick to join other companies' boards. His only other major board membership is at the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center, which he joined in 2016.

From AI to inclusive hiring, Satya Nadella seeks further inspiration at Microsoft's Ability Summit


Microsoft's mission to create technology that can empower every person doesn't just begin and end with the products it is creating. It extends to the people it hires, the standards it holds its partners and vendors to, and the workplace it has created. And the man at the top, CEO Satya Nadella, is personally inspired by all of it he said during a discussion at the company's Ability Summit in Redmond, Wash., on Thursday. "The consciousness of the place has changed, which is what's most exciting to me," Nadella said during the event aimed at showcasing accessible technology and the importance of inclusive design. "That's at least what leads to the start of all big things."

Microsoft's Nadella talks hardware and Windows


Microsoft is about more than Windows, said its CEO Satya Nadella, and the company's hardware plans are about more than just mobile. Nadella was speaking in an interview with Bloomberg for the launch of his new book Hit Refresh. Asked about the future of Windows for Microsoft, Nadella replied: "Windows, there's a billion users on Windows. Three hundred million PCs were sold last year and it continues to be a very significant part of what we do, but it's not the only part." Microsoft later said the number was actually more than 1.5 billion Windows users.

How Do You Turn Around A Tech Giant? With Empathy, Microsoft CEO Says

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In his new book, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella explores how he's had to work on his capacity for empathy to change the company's culture. In his new book, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella explores how he's had to work on his capacity for empathy to change the company's culture. Satya Nadella's new book is called Hit Refresh (like when you reload a webpage). Instead, he explores at length a feeling he's working to cultivate in himself: empathy. It doesn't come as a surprise to people that big names like Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon are among the five or 10 most valuable companies on earth.