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Live PlayStation 5 photos reveal a truly giant console


Sony's PlayStation 5 hasn't really appeared in live photos, making it difficult to gauge the size of the console. However, the game console has finally made a real-world appearance in a filing at Taiwan's NCC (via The Verge) -- and it's clear the PS5 isn't meant for small cabinets. While Sony hasn't been shy about mentioning the PS5's 15.4-inch length (or height), 10.2-inch depth and 4.1-inch thickness, the NCC's photos put those dimensions into context. You'll have to make room for this beast, whether you're buying the Digital Edition or the disc-based model. As we pointed out in our specs comparison, this should be the largest console to date.

Sony says its new PlayStation is more than a year away


Following up on its earning announcements and targets for the year, Sony's Interactive Entertainment (SIE) arm has commented on the PlayStation's future, in that there's no chance of seeing the successor to the PlayStation 4 in stores any time between now and April 2020. Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki tweeted the comments, which came from a SIE spokesperson following Sony's investor call earlier today. The company reiterated its reduced profit goals for next year but also promised to invest the difference (31.1 billion yen, or $278 million) between last year's operating income and its current outlook for 2019 into developing its next PlayStation console. In an earlier interview with Wired, Mark Cern noted that the console won't be coming any time in this year, but it is likely to be later into the year than many fans would have hoped. It's turning into an increasing interesting period for console gamers, as Nintendo works on upgraded Switch consoles, and Microsoft dips its toes into the world of disc-less games machines.

PS Vita: Sony to cease production of handheld PlayStation console in 2019

Daily Mail - Science & tech

It's the end of an era for at least some handheld video game console fans. PlayStation has just announced that it will cease production of its handheld PlayStation Vita console in Japan in 2019. The announcement was made at the 2018 Tokyo Game Show on September 20. Sony Interactive Entertainment Vice President Hiroyuki Oda confirmed that production will soon cease and revealed that the company currently had no plans for a successor to it. 'Currently, we do not have any plans regarding a new handheld device.

Sony 'PlayStation 4.5' could be revealed by October

The Independent - Tech

The rumoured'PlayStation 4.5' could be arriving this year, according to reports. Citing "people familiar with the matter," the Wall Street Journal has said the new console will be broadly similar to the PlayStation 4, but will have beefed-up internal components which will allow it to play games in 4K resolution. The more powerful machine would also be better at handling the PlayStation VR, Sony's upcoming virtual reality headset. There's no news on a solid release date yet, but the WSJ's sources said it would be announced before the launch of the PlayStation VR in October - so we could see it sooner rather than later. Major annual gaming conference E3 is coming up in June, so it's possible we'll find out more then.

PlayStation 4 sales finally slow down (updated)


Sony is warning that it expects to make even less profit in the next year, as PlayStation 4 sales slow down and it invests in its replacement. In the last year, 17.8 million consoles were sold, less than the 19 million sold in 2017. The PS4 is approaching a major milestone -- there are currently 96.8 million consoles out there, buoyed by 36.4 million PlayStation Plus subscribers, adding crucial monthly revenues to Sony's accounts. The company didn't elaborate any further on the next-gen PlayStation (PlayStation 5 or whatever it's called), aside from an "increase in development expensed for the next generation console." It expects profits from the gaming business to drop almost 10 percent next year, even if sales remain "essentially flat" during 2019.