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Using artificial intelligence to investigate illegal wildlife trade on social media


Despite their potential, approaches from artificial intelligence are still rarely used in addressing the biodiversity crisis," he says. Many social media platforms provide an application programming interface that allows researchers to access user-generated text, images and videos, as well as the accompanying metadata, such as where and when the content was uploaded, and connections between the users. Assistant professor Tuomo Hiippala highlights how machine learning methods can be used to process the language of social media posts. "Natural language processing can be used to infer the meaning of a sentence and to classify the sentiment of social media users towards illegal wildlife trade. Most importantly, machine learning algorithms can process combinations of verbal, visual and audio-visual content," Hiippala says.

Introducing the diagrammatic mode Artificial Intelligence

In this article, we propose a multimodal perspective to diagrammatic representations by sketching a description of what may be tentatively termed the diagrammatic mode . We consider diagrammatic representations in the light of contemporary multimodality theory and explicate what enables diagrammatic representations to integrate natural language, various forms of graphics, diagrammatic elements such as arrows, lines and other expressive resources into coherent organisations. We illustrate the proposed approach using two recent diagram corpora and show how a multimodal approach supports the empirical analysis of diagrammatic representations, especially in identifying diagrammatic constituents and describing their interrelations.

NLP 101: Ch.1 Players in the field


There is a huge buzz about Artificial Intelligence or Machine learning or rather Deep learning now a days. And you may not know it yet, but these technological developments are playing a key role in what you see and experience on internet these days. From a long time, Deep learning was heavily used to perform computer vision applications, but soon enough, some amazing players in the industry realized that its not just visual data from where one can extract insights using Deep learning, but the same principles can also be applied to textual data and thus these organizations are actually driving a new wave of NLP through deep learning in the industry. Hard to say about you, but we were pleasantly surprised to know that there are about 120 Deep Learning startups only in the bay area. UK, China, India etc are yet to be included in this number.

Artificial Intelligence and Social Networks - Social Media Law Bulletin


Artificial intelligence ("AI") or cognitive computing involves the use of computer program code to control machines to mimic cognitive functions, such as learning, classification, and problem solving. AI is a technical field of computer science and includes machine learning and natural language processing. Machine learning is the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning uses pattern recognition and computational statistics to process a set of training data. The data can be represented by various graph and network structures.

Artificial intelligence use cases/application areas in offline/digital marketing


We have identified about a dozen fundamental artificial intelligence use cases in marketing. We focused on core marketing activities such as optimizing pricing and placement, optimizing advertising/marketing, personalizing recommendations, collecting and leveraging customer feedback. We are always improving our structure and would love to hear your comments and suggestions. Primary marketing activities and AI use cases in these activities are listed below. Pricing optimization: Optimize markdowns to minimize cannibalization while maximizing revenues.