The AI Powerhouse that is Transforming Scanning and Document Storage - Future Of Work


I've written in the past how adopting e-signatures--specifically Adobe Sign--was a game-changer for our businessbecause it saves time, reduces costs, and greatly boosts efficiency. It's a no-brainer that e-signatures are the way to go for businesses in the digital age, especially given the importance of documents in our everyday workflow. Just because our reliance on documents as business tools has been around for so long, doesn't mean our approach to handling them should be archaic. In fact, focusing on the customer experience starts with documents, and nobody knows that better than Adobe Document Cloud. Through an app that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI), Adobe Scan now allows users to convert photos of documents to versatile, editable PDFs, eliminating the need for scanners altogether and revolutionizing document storage in the process. Let's explore the solution further.

A Diamond Sponsor of Adobe Summit EMEA


Netcentric, A Cognizant Digital Business, will be bringing years of knowledge and expertise to our role as a Diamond Sponsor, as a specialized Adobe Global Alliance Partner in 3 Adobe Experience Cloud categories. The Diamond Sponsorship represents the highest and most prestigious tier of sponsorship at the Adobe Summit. At the event, representatives from our team of 400 talented experts will showcase how we transform customer experiences for leading brands using the Adobe Experience Cloud. At last year's event, Netcentric's showcase was a great success, integrating multiple Adobe Experience Cloud technologies and cloud services to give users a real-time experience, with each smile unlocking a donation to the charity Smile Train.

Adobe Maxes Out Creative Cloud Updates - B&T


Ten thousand creatives and designers, have descended on San Diego for the annual pilgrimage that is Adobe Max, showcasing the 2017 updates to its all-powerful Creative Cloud suite of software. Principal among its announcements was Adobe Sensei, the company's latest foray into artificial intelligence that will work across all three of its clouds โ€“ Document, Marketing and Creative. According to Adobe, Sensei (the Japanese word for teacher) is a new framework and set of intelligent services for dramatically improving the design and delivery of digital experiences. Adobe Sensei's intelligent services tackle today's complex experience challenges โ€“ including image matching across millions of images, understanding the meaning and sentiment of documents and finely targeting important audience segments โ€“ leveraging machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning capabilities. This announcement builds upon the machine learning capabilities unveiled in Adobe Marketing Cloud at Adobe Summit in March.

Adobe, Microsoft to Integrate Sensei AI Across Platforms


Adobe and Microsoft have joined forces, combining Adobe's Sensei artificial intelligence (AI) with Microsoft's data to give Adobe customers more automated, intelligence-based business feedback. By plugging into Microsoft's ecosystem, Adobe can pull rich insights from Microsoft's customer relationship management (CRM) and data visualization tools, among other platforms. Adobe Sensei is now armed with a new trove of data from Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power BI, and Microsoft Azure, from which it can draw on its algorithm-based recommendations. Both companies are also working to add Adobe Sensei to Microsoft tools; however, there is no timeline for when this reverse integration will be available. Here's an excellent example of how Adobe Sensei and Microsoft work together today: A financial services client working within Adobe Analytics can take existing Adobe data, combine it with Microsoft's data ecosystem, and then feed all of that information into Sensei.

Adobe, Microsoft extend cloud partnership to China


Adobe and Microsoft are bringing their cloud partnership to the China market. The companies announced on Monday that the Adobe Experience Cloud running on Microsoft Azure is now available to enterprise customers in China via an operator partnership with cloud provider 21Vianet. Adobe and Microsoft also outlined new native integrations between Adobe Experience Manager and Microsoft Azure, Adobe Campaign and Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Adobe Analytics and Microsoft Power BI. The China expansion is the latest step in a strategic partnership between the two vendors dating to the fall of 2016, when the pair said that Adobe Creative Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Document Cloud would all be available on Azure, and Azure would be the "preferred cloud platform" for these services. The two companies also inked a deal that made Adobe's Marketing Cloud the marketing module for the Microsoft's Enterprise version of Dynamics 365, its combined CRM/ERP suite.