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Alan Dershowitz: Hard left and hard right both engage in identity politics

FOX News

Boy Who Mowed WH Lawn: 'I Knew He Was Very Impressed' "Both the hard right and the hard left engage in identity politics," the retired Harvard law professor told "Fox & Friends" on Saturday. "I'm a centrist liberal, many of you are centrist conservatives, we can talk. We can have a rational argument." In contrast, several recent incidents showcase the unwillingness of the extreme right and left to have a discussion, he pointed out.

Alan Dershowitz is 'not going to be' part of Trump's second impeachment defense team

Boston Herald

Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz now says he will not defend President Trump in his second U.S. Senate impeachment trial. "I am not going to be" involved, Dershowitz told the Herald on Thursday, just days after he said he "would" rush to the president's defense. Instead, Dershowitz said, "I'm going to be defending him in the court of public opinion." Dershowitz called the U.S. House vote to impeach Trump a week after the deadly U.S. Capitol riot "political theater" and said "there really is no room for a lawyer" to get involved. "No legal arguments were presented, no lawyer was allowed to defend him," Dershowitz said of the House proceedings, adding that in the Senate he believes there will be "no trial or a one-day trial without any real role for a lawyer."

Alan Dershowitz says Democratic senators were 'impressed' by his constitutional case for Trump

FOX News

Trump legal team member Alan Dershowitz reacts to attacks from media following impeachment defense. Alan Dershowitz, one of President Trump's defense lawyers in his Senate impeachment trial, accused the media of misrepresenting his argument that a president can't be impeached for exerting his executive powers to win an election if he believes his victory is in the public interest. "The point I was making was about the senators," Dershowitz said on "Hannity." "What I said [was] if you have mixed motives if you are in the public interest and you're trying to help the public, but you're also trying to get re-elected, according to [Rep. "If you have any inkling of motive to help yourself get reelected, they call that corrupt and they say even a tiny amount of motive to help yourself makes you into a criminal and makes you impeachable." Many were quick to attack Dershowitz's unconventional defense Wednesday, in which he made the case that if Trump's motive for asking Ukraine for help was "mixed" between the national interest and political gain, it was not impeachable because his intentions were not purely "corrupt." In a bid to clarify his comments Thursday, Dershowitz told Sean Hannity that he was in no way implying that the president could engage in any activity as long as he considers his reelection to be in the interest of the public, as many critics had said. "I turned to all the senators and I said, 'Everybody in this room, every senator, every politician everywhere always has one eye toward reelection and another eye toward the public interest.

Dershowitz calls out MSNBC host, talks about Martha Vineyard fallout

FOX News

Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz was once a liberal icon. But now, he has been rendered a non-person because he won't demand President Trump's impeachment. MSNBC went further even suggested Dershowitz is a dupe of Vladimir Putin. Dershowitz challenges Joe Scarborough to bring him on his show. Alan Dershowitz on Thursday asked if MSNBC's Joe Scarborough "has the guts" to invite him on his show after the host justified the Martha Vineyard crowd for shunning the famed professor over his support of President Trump's civil liberities.

Alleged Jeffrey Epstein Sexual Abuse Victim Sues Alan Dershowitz for Defamation


The prominent lawyer and Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz is being sued for defamation in connection with the sexual assault allegations against well-connected multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein, whose extraordinarily lenient plea deal for allegedly operating a sex trafficking ring of teenage girls made news in the fall, the Miami Herald reported Tuesday. The suit, filed in federal court in the Southern District of New York by one of Epstein's alleged victims, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, charges that Dershowitz, as one of Epstein's lawyers, was aware of and participated in Epstein's sexual abuse of teenage girls but still spread false information about Giuffre and other victims in order to silence them. The suit focuses on Dershowitz's assertions that the alleged victims fabricated their accusations. In the suit, Giuffre claims that she was coerced into having sex with Dershowitz and other wealthy and powerful men when she was a teenager. Dershowitz has maintained his innocence and asserted that he has proof that Giuffre's allegations are false.