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At a time when utilities companies are facing flat demand, new regulations and competition from new entrants into the energy market, a bleeding-edge A.I. technology is emerging as the go-to solution for forward-thinking enterprises. Download this free whitepaper from Next IT to learn why self-service with a concierge touch is helping the largest utilities companies lift customer engagement and drive down the costs of doing business.

California Drops Wildfire Utility Liability Protection Plan

U.S. News

Brown's proposal would have let judges decide how much utilities pay when their equipment causes wildfires. It would have softened a legal standard that generally holds them entirely responsible for the costs of fires triggered by their power lines or other infrastructure.

Conditional Utility, Utility Independence, and Utility Networks Artificial Intelligence

We introduce a new interpretation of two related notions - conditional utility and utility independence. Unlike the traditional interpretation, the new interpretation renders the notions the direct analogues of their probabilistic counterparts. To capture these notions formally, we appeal to the notion of utility distribution, introduced in previous paper. We show that utility distributions, which have a structure that is identical to that of probability distributions, can be viewed as a special case of an additive multiattribute utility functions, and show how this special case permits us to capture the novel senses of conditional utility and utility independence. Finally, we present the notion of utility networks, which do for utilities what Bayesian networks do for probabilities. Specifically, utility networks exploit the new interpretation of conditional utility and utility independence to compactly represent a utility distribution.

West Virginia Gas Utility Bills Expected to Drop Slightly

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The price of natural gas is determined by competitive markets, but the PSC examines the gas purchasing practices of gas utilities and ensures the utility did all it could to obtain a reliable supply at the lowest market price.

Scam Alert: How To Avoid Utility Fraud

Forbes - Tech

You may get a call about a late phone, gas or electric bill. Should you pay right away? Chances are good that this call is a scam. According to Hiya, a company that makes caller blocking software, bogus utility callers claim to be calling from ConEd, Duke Energy, Georgia Power and Consumers Energy. Scammers even claim to be calling from General Electric, which isn't even a utility company.