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Productivity booster: Betting big on Artificial Intelligence


The goal of any business is to improve productivity, enhance the customer experience, and maximise profits--Artificial Intelligence (AI) can play a crucial role on all these fronts, says Ramprakash Ramamoorthy, director of research at ManageEngine, the enterprise IT management division of Chennai-based business software maker Zoho. "The enormous growth witnessed in cloud computing has resulted in a huge amount of generated data. This is where AI steps in. Utilising AI to analyse vast amounts of collected data helps businesses gain a deep understanding of their systems," he says. Ramamoorthy stresses that when deployed correctly, AI systems can predict outages, help provide proactive infrastructure management and ensure better service availability.

Man Accused Of Sexual Assault On Spirit Airlines Flight

International Business Times

A man from India was charged Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Detroit for aggravated sexual abuse of a sleeping woman on a Spirit Airlines flight en route to Detroit from Las Vegas, according to court filings. Prabhu Ramamoorthy, 34, faces a detention hearing in federal court Thursday at 1 p.m. local time, according to the Detroit News.

Spirit Airlines passenger convicted of sexually assaulting 22-year-old woman on flight

FOX News

Prabhu Ramamoorthy of Rochester Hills, Mich., was convicted of sexual assault. A Detroit-area man was convicted after a five-day trial by a federal jury for sexually assaulting a sleeping passenger on a Spirit Airlines flight in January. Eight months ago, 35-year-old Prabhu Ramamoorthy of Rochester Hills, Mich., was arrested and charged with aggravated sexual abuse of a fellow passenger. The 22-year-old victim accused Ramamoorthy of putting his hand in her pants and unbuttoning her shirt while she was sleeping against the window of the plane. According to a federal complaint obtained by the Detroit Free Press, the woman said she woke up as Ramamoorthy was putting his "fingers in her (genitals) and vigorously moving them."

Man Convicted of Sexual Assaulting Fellow Plane Passenger

U.S. News

U.S. Attorney Matthew Schneider announced the verdict Thursday, saying 35-year-old Prabhu Ramamoorthy of Rochester Hills faces the possibility of life in prison when he's sentenced on Dec. 12. If released, Schneider says Ramamoorthy will be deported to India. The defendant was in the U.S. on a work visa.

The Power of an AI Solution - Arabian Reseller


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the buzzword these days, and for good reason. Businesses around the world are taking up AI technologies to try and reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, grow revenue and improve customer experience. Businesses are also looking at putting a full range of smart technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing and more, into their processes and products. However can businesses that are new to AI, reap major rewards? When it comes to artificial intelligence, most people are well aware of the tropes from popular entertainment: the malevolent computer, the android gone rogue.