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Artificial intelligence and other tech trends to follow in 2022


Google CEO Sundar Pichai said, "Artificial Intelligence is more profound than fire, electricity, or the internet." His words certainly make sense owing to AI's contributions to the world, climate change, space exploration, or developing cancer treatments. The way AI enables machines to make decisions faster with more accuracy than a human mind is truly extraordinary. It indicates the power of AI and how it can unlock unimaginable possibilities in life. With this backdrop in mind, here's a list of top tech trends that businesses must focus on and invest in: AI has been game-changing across various industries.

Exploring The Galaxy Of Fintech Services Within The Metaverse


AR, VR, AI, IoT and blockchain are advancing fast. Similarly, their penetration into our daily lives, too, is increasing rapidly. They are being used across healthcare, manufacturing, fintech, hospitality, customer service, and many more industries. Looking at how things are, these technologies can significantly enhance the services offered in these various sectors. For example, the future of fintech can be transformed completely by using VR for conducting virtual meetings by financial institutions and enabling customers to pay for products virtually, forgoing the need to step out of your home.

Into the metaverse: What is it?


You may think that Mark Zuckerberg coined the word'metaverse' as a whole new concept when he rebranded Facebook to Meta. Tech companies have been talking about it for a very long time after Neal Stephenson came up with the term'metaverse' in his science fiction novel'Snow Crash' which is required reading for Meta's (Facebook's) management. Zuckerberg is so heavily invested in the metaverse that Facebook, ouch… Meta, has even changed their stock trading symbol to MVRS. So, is the metaverse going to look like something out of Ready Player One or is it going to just be a catch-all phrase for existing technologies? Let's try to figure out what this Metaverse of Madness is all about.

Meta files hundreds of patents for technologies to track users' movements to improve its metaverse

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Meta aims to make realistic avatars for its metaverse and plans to do so by tacking users' every move with customized technologies. The company recently filed a trove of patents for these innovations that monitor facial expressions, eye movements and body poses of players. The patents describe a device that sits around user's waist to track their body poses, sensor-packed gloves to monitor hand gestures and glasses to immerse players in the digital world. Another application shows images of an'avatar personalization engine' that creates 3-D avatars based on a user's photos using tools such as a so-called skin replicator. Meta aims to make realistic avatars for its metaverse and plans to do so by watching users' every move with customized technologies.