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US Teacher in Trouble in Vietnam Over Offensive Comments

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In a meeting with the Ministry of Information and Communication Tuesday, Hauer apologized to Giap's family and the people of Vietnam. State media quoted ministry official Le Quang Tu Do as saying that Hauer could be fined up to $2,200 but a final decision will be made soon depending on his behavior.

As sea levels rise, where will all the people go?

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Florida will lose as many as 2.5 million residents, according to Hauer's data, and Texas will pick up around 1.5 million. Atlanta, Georgia may see as many as 250,000 additional residents--which doesn't sound like a problem until you realize that the city is already struggling with water management and bursting at the seams. It isn't the only city in this boat: Phoenix, Arizona; Riverside, California; and Las Vegas, Nevada can all expect an increase in climate migrants, and all are currently struggling with unrelated resource constraints. Rising sea levels could, in fact, simply move people out of the fire and into the frying pan. And the problem won't be as simple as girding inland cities to support an influx of new residents, either: plenty of folks will be unwilling or unable to leave their slowly flooding regions.

Cumulative residual plots seem like they could be useful


I'm wondering if you could comment on CURE (CUmulative REsidual) plots that I'm seeing quite a bit in vehicle crash modeling. Ezra Hauer and Joseph Bamfo champion them as a way to determine model fit for their hierarchical Bayesian generalized linear mixed models. I had not seen them until I started reading some papers published by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute about modeling crashes. They seem dubious to me, but I can't quite determine why I don't like them. Would love to get your thoughts on the topic.

A Joke On Facebook Puts American Expatriate At Odds With Vietnam

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A photo taken in 2013 shows women in traditional dress holding framed portraits of the late Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap as they line up to pay final respects to him at his residence in Hanoi.

L.A. movie openings, Dec. 1

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Written and directed by Christian Pasquariello. Written and directed by Lowell Dean. Written and directed by Jason Headley. Rerelease of director Kathryn Bigelow and writer Mark Boal's crime drama exploring systemic racism set during five days of unrest and violence in the Michigan city during summer 1967. James Franco directed and stars in the story of cult director Tommy Wiseau and his questionable yet passionate quest to make his infamous film "The Room."