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[slides] Shifting Left on Development


High-velocity engineering teams are applying not only continuous delivery processes, but also lessons in experimentation from established leaders like Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook. These companies have made experimentation a foundation for their release processes, allowing them to try out major feature releases and redesigns within smaller groups before making them broadly available. In his session at 21st Cloud Expo, Brian Lucas, Senior Staff Engineer at Optimizely, discussed how by using new techniques such as feature flagging, rollouts, and traffic splitting, experimentation is no longer just the future for marketing teams, it s quickly becoming an essential practice for high-performing development teams as well.

SAP Deepens Embrace of Microsoft Azure Cloud - RTInsights


This effort is part of a larger Project Embrace initiative through which SAP is encouraging IT organizations to deploy ERP applications on public clouds from either Azure, AWS, or Google. As part of an effort to make it simpler to deploy ERP applications in the cloud, SAP and Microsoft last week announced they have extended their existing alliance to provide tighter integrations between S/4 ERP applications running on the SAP HANA database deployed on the Microsoft Azure cloud. These integrations and reference architectures will reduce the amount of time and effort required to deploy S/4 on the Microsoft Azure cloud in addition to streamlining the support process, says David Robinson, senior vice president and managing director of SAP's cloud business group. "We're going to harmonize services," says Robinson. "It's been a painstaking effort."

Microsoft Embraces Collaboration in $7.5B Deal for GitHub

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GitHub, a San Francisco startup, was founded in 2008 and has grown sharply since announcing its first outside investment in 2012. It now counts about 28 million software developers around the world who use it to share code and build businesses. Microsoft said GitHub will retain its "developer-first ethos," operate independently and remain an open platform. The deal is expected to close this year.

How to blast through silo mentality to create a culture of experimentation - WiderFunnel Blog


Is your experimentation program experiencing push-back from other departments? Marketers and designers who own the brand? Product owners who've spent months developing a new feature? The reality is that experimentation programs often lose steam because they are operating within a silo. Problems arise when people outside of the optimization team don't understand the why behind experimentation. When test goals aren't aligned with other teams' KPIs. Optimization champions can struggle to scale their experimentation programs from department initiatives to an organizational strategy. Because to scale, you need buy-in.

The Emerging Clean, Intelligent, Mobile, and Distributed Energy Ecosystem

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To quote the moderator of the Beyond the Electron podcast I participated in last month, "The energy system isn't what it used to be." During that discussion, I explained that the global energy system is in the midst of a transformation more disruptive to the utility status quo than anything we have seen in the past 150 years. A paradigm shift is unfolding today. Technological innovation, new products and services enabled by digitization, and the rapid rise of electrification of the transportation sector have unleashed a barrage of business model experimentation. Such experimentation will rewrite the rules for how electricity is generated and consumed well into the future.