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Brazilian startup to trial drones in food delivery


Brazilian startup iFood has received authorization from Brazil's National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) to start experimental flights with drones to support its food delivery service. The companies carried out rehearsals as part of the project with ANAC's participation and received the Experimental Flight Authorization Certificate from the agency on August 5. The experimental flights will take place in two different scenarios and should start before the end of 2020. The drones are intended as a way to boost the efficiency of the logistics operation: the equipment will carry out the first part of the delivery route, which will be completed by a courier using a motorcycle, bike, or scooter. The Brazilian authorities will decide whether the operation can be expanded based on the results of these initial trials.

How Brazil's top food delivery startup is meeting demand during Rio Olympics


In the heat of the Olympics, more people in Brazil are craving food delivery. Orders spiked by 30 percent in Brazil during the four-hour broadcast of the Opening Ceremonies August 5. But the demand didn't come as a surprise for the startup. "We prepared for the potential increase in the number of orders," iFood CEO Felipe Fioravante told Mashable. "Brazilians like to watch the broadcasts at home, with friends, and good food, of course."

Brazil deliverymen for Uber, other apps protest amid pandemic

Al Jazeera

More than a thousand food deliverymen on motorcycles gathered in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Wednesday to protest against working conditions set by Uber and other apps, with their services in high demand due to coronavirus lockdowns. The drivers sought better pay and improved health measures, as Brazil is now a coronavirus epicentre and delivery workers face exposure to the virus. Drivers paraded through Sao Paulo's Paulista Avenue, the city's main thoroughfare, blocking traffic, and also protested in other Brazilian cities. The government said this week that half of working-age Brazilians are out of work due to the coronavirus crisis, a record level, pushing more and more citizens into precarious employment options. Lockdown measures have drawn more demand for delivered food.

Startup Continent: The Most Well-Funded Tech Startups In Europe


We mapped out the top-funded tech startup in Latin America by country, including unicorns like Rappi in Colombia and iFood in Brazil. Since 2012, more than $5.7B has been invested across over 520 equity deals to tech startups in Latin America. This includes investment in leading tech companies such as on-demand delivery startup Rappi in Colombia and online food delivery platform iFood in Brazil. Get an excel file with the entire list of top-funded tech startups in Latin America, including each company's equity funding, investors, and more. Using CB Insights data, we identified the top-funded VC-backed tech startups in Latin America by country, based on disclosed equity funding.

WhatsApp is the most used app in Brazil during Covid-19 outbreak


WhatsApp is currently the most popular app in Brazil, according to a new survey into the usage of mobile apps during the pandemic. The study carried out by the marketing and consumer insights unit of Brazilian business school ESPM sought to understand the impact of app usage in consumer habits under the restrictions introduced by the social distancing measures. WhatsApp is the mobile tool Brazilians have used the most in the last few months, cited by 97% of those polled reported as an essential tool to go about their daily activities since the new coronavirus outbreak became known. The second most popular app is Instagram, cited by 88% of survey participants, followed by YouTube, mentioned by 75% of respondents. Facebook's ability to acquire services and let them run (along with a ton of dough) seems to be a winning strategy for now.