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[WEBINAR] The New Luxury: Sustainable Fashion with Data-Powered Platforms


ABSTRACT SPEAKERS Rakesh Tondon - Co-Founder & CEO, Le Tote Rakesh founded Le Tote in 2013 after seeing a need for variety and an alternative consumption model for women's everyday wear. The idea was to make fashion accessible to everyone, every day. Today, Le Tote has emerged as one of the most data-driven fashion-tech companies that offers customers a highly personalized offering, from rental to purchases online & offline. Rakesh spearheaded Le Tote's acquisition of the iconic & oldest department store chain in the US, Lord & Taylor, to create one of the most unique retailers in the world offering its customers a very diverse offering of products & services. Prior to Le Tote, Rakesh spent 12 years in technology investment banking, starting his career in JP Morgan's technology investment banking group in New York working on mergers and acquisitions.

Artificial Intelligence Pioneer Ditto raises Series C Round


Ditto Labs, Inc., a pioneer in deep learning announced today that Red Fort Capital led a new round of investment in the vision-as-a-service company. Ditto's vision-as-a-service API can find nearly anything appearing in a photo -- a specific product, brand logo, location, demographic profile -- even subjective measures of sentiment -- in near real time. Ditto's service is a high value AI application for thousands of digital business's. "Humans can no longer keep up: ubiquitous cameras are casting off reams of big data. Today, critical business decisions need computers to act on visual data at massive scale and in real-time," said Red Fort Capital CEO Parry Singh.

Pokémon Go Thanksgiving Event: How To Catch Ditto, Earn More XP

International Business Times

Pokémon Go Thanksgiving event is taking place from Nov. 24-Nov. The company announced Monday it would offer double XP and double Stardust for the duration of the event. But there are other bonuses also available during the event. Players who toss a Lucky Egg during the event will get four times XP from events and activities, the company confirmed to Slashgear -- more XP than ever offered in the game's five-month history. The event will mark the first appearance of the Ditto -- one of the last Pokémon from the 150 monsters from the original Pokémon video game.

Ditto Is Live In 'Pokémon GO' And You Might Have Already Caught Him

Forbes - Tech

The other day it seemed like Ditto was about to be released into Pokémon GO thanks to some newly mined data after a recently, seemingly innocuous update. But in the last few hours, it's been confirmed that Ditto is actually live, and trainers all around the world are catching him left and right as we speak. So, how do you find him? If you know anything about Ditto, you may have guessed that he's not just going to show up in the wild as a giant pink blob. Ditto has been inserting into Pokémon GO disguised as other Pokémon, and you won't know if you've caught him until after you capture whatever he's transformed himself into.

Shiny Magikarp Is Pokemon GO's Newest Prize, But The Game Is Playing A Trick

Forbes - Tech

Shiny Pokémon have arrived in Pokémon GO. Earlier in the week, Niantic announced a surprise "Water Festival" that made water Pokémon more commonly available in areas that wouldn't normally have them, including some rare monsters that have operated as endgame goals for a little while now. There was a secret lurking in the update, however: it also contained the first instances of "shiny" Pokémon, the ultra-rare color variants from the main game. Players reported seeing golden Magikarp shortly after the event went live, and soon found that said Magikarp would evolve into the coveted red Gyarados. Shiny Magikarp have naturally become one of the most sought-after prizes in the Pokéworld.