6 Helpful Machine Learning Tutorials and Courses to Grasp the Essentials


Machine learning is the future of automation. Millions of tasks performed by humans on a daily basis will be eventually replaced by neural networks trained. Even now, machine learning algorithms shape your life. The job market is shifting to accommodate this new technology, and those who are capable of programming their own networks (or integrating with existing ones) are in high demand. There has never been a better time to dive into machine learning.

Artificial Intelligence for Non-Majors at Multiple Levels

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Over the past several years, many computer science departments have seen a decline in enrollments. This paper describes two courses - at the introductory and advanced levels - that hope to attract students to computer science through topics in Artificial Intelligence. Over the past several years, many computer science departments have seen a decline in enrollments. As the program committee for this symposium has noted, AI topics have the potential to draw students back to computer science. This paper describes two ways in which we at Williams College are providing opportunities for students - in particular nonmajors - to study AI topics. These are: - An introductory course on AI and robotics for nonmajors; - An elective course on machine learning that is taught in a tutorial format. While these courses are taught at very different levels, they share the following: - Both have the potential to draw non-majors into more than one computer science course.

Progress of Technology Only Makes Computer Science Education More Valuable

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Notably, as with many courses taken during one's educational career, computer science also teaches many generalizable skills. Computer science is much more than learning to code, and its benefits go beyond knowing a particular programming language. Computer science teaches students about logic, understanding systems and engineering and design basics, all of which are applicable to other academic and career fields. Perhaps this is why correlational data show that learning computer science is associated with higher math achievement. Computer science coursework also naturally lends itself to 21st century skills like collaboration, problem-solving and creativity, which are valuable and highly sought-after skills in the modern workplace.



Machine Learning is a subfield of computer science that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Machine Learning is as fascinating as it is broad in scope. Here's another mindmap which focuses only on Deep Learning The Data Science it's not a set-and-forget effort, but a process that requires design, implementation and maintenance. Machine Learning is a house built on Math bricks.

Hacking my infant twins' sleep with machine learning and data science – Dad on the Run


A month ago, I tried A/B testing to see how different "treatments" or input parameters might result in longer sleep for our twins -- and of course by proxy, us. Through this, I found that sleep patterns were fairly erratic and didn't find much that correlated strongly to increased sleep. As time went on, they started more largely on their own naturally. However, now that they have reached four months, they've begun the apparently common but rarely discussed sleep regression phase. I once again found myself desperate for more sleep.