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Artificial Intelligence News: Artificial Intelligence News Issue 41


This week on TechRepublic's Business Technology Weekly podcast, hosts Dan Patterson and Bill Detwiler discuss how swarm AI won the Kentucky derby, and the real world, practical impact of artificial intelligence. Headlines: Swarm AI predicts the 2016 Kentucky Derby Hope Reese Big news in the AI world this week! HOME NEWS Baidu to Shift to AI After Government Probe Baidu is planning to switch toward developing artificial intelligence after a government probe that affected its core business. BERLIN, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 04: Visitors look at smartphones at the Lenovo stand at the 2015 IFA consumer electronics and appliances trade fair on September 4, 2015 in Berlin, Germany. The PC maker posted its first loss in six years in 2015.

We're Virtually There


I recently watched a movie called'Her' starring Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson. Set in the future the beautiful, strange and emotional story of a letter writer, Theodore Twombly (Phoenix) who, after separating from his girlfriend, downloads an intelligent computer operating system (OS) personified through a female voice, 'Samantha' played by Johansson. Director Spike Jonze conceived the idea of the film after reading about Cleverbot, a web application that uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to have conversations with humans. Twombly had quite simply created his'perfect' woman. He had answered a few questions; What gender was he?

Beetaloo Basin fracking plan: gas companies linked to tax secrecy havens and Liberal party, inquiry told

The Guardian > Energy

The gas companies seeking to frack the Beetaloo Basin have been accused of sharing links to tax secrecy jurisdictions, the Liberal party and Russian plutocrats, a Senate inquiry has heard. Opening up the Northern Territory to fracking is a key part of the Morrison government's "gas-led recovery", and the commonwealth is incentivising exploration through the $50m Beetaloo cooperative drilling program. Earlier this month, the first three grants from that program were given to a subsidiary of Empire Energy, a company chaired by frequent Liberal donor Paul Espie. Espie is the also chair of the Liberal-aligned Menzies Research Centre and has been described by Liberal senator Jane Hume as a doyen of the party. A Senate inquiry into fracking in the Beetaloo Basin on Wednesday heard that Empire Energy was given the grants, worth $21m, to drill at three sites in the Beetaloo, despite still waiting on the necessary environmental approvals from the Northern Territory government.

Magic of the machine: can artificial intelligence invent?


There is an interesting appeal listed to be heard in the Patents Court in July. Professor Ryan Abbott of Surrey University wants the patent system to acknowledge machines are inventors. As part of the Artificial Inventor Project, he is seeking patents for inventions made by DABUS (pronounced'DA-BUS'). DABUS, a'creativity machine', is a series of neural networks and was created and is owned by Dr Stephen Thaler. DABUS can be provided information on a particular topic in order to independently create inventions.

12/08/19: What got Gloo HQ talking – Gloo Communications


We're always talking about AI at Gloo HQ--we're excited to see the potential of this technology as it continues to unfold, and as more and more use cases are explored. Last week, the NHS announced it is investing £250m into boosting the role of AI within the service. AI has already made huge waves in healthcare, from helping doctors detect cancer earlier and with higher accuracy to finding new ways to diagnose common conditions. AI is also helping to improve the overall operational efficiency of hospitals and doctor's surgeries. And that's going to make things much easier for healthcare professionals and patients.