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Man Charged With Killing Family Denied Leak Investigation

U.S. News

The Daily Camera reports attorneys for Christopher Watts filed a motion last month asking for an investigation into extrajudicial statements that could prejudice a jury in the case, pointing to a number of news articles that used unnamed sources close to the investigation.

French presidential hopeful Fillon wants quick investigation

U.S. News

French presidential hopeful Francois Fillon's team says he wants the investigation to advance as quickly as possible in a probe centered on whether his wife actually worked while being paid as his parliamentary aide.

Family of slain Australian concerned about US investigation

FOX News

SYDNEY – The family of an Australian woman fatally shot by a police officer in the United States in July has demanded a more rigorous probe into the incident after a Minnesota prosecutor cast doubts on the initial investigation.

LA Times Beijing Bureau Chief Quits After Sex Investigation

U.S. News

"I can confirm that the Los Angeles Times completed its investigation into the matter and that Jonathan Kaiman resigned," Manning said in an email to The Associated Press. She added she could provide no further information, citing a personnel matter.

Cousins Arrested in Federal Dark Web Drug Investigation

U.S. News

Both were arrested as part of a yearlong U.S. Department of Justice investigation into dark web vendors. The Department of Justice says they have arrested 35 people and confiscated over $23.6 million in the probe.