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Ah yes, the sweet smell of change is in the air. The digital transformation of supply chain management, more specifically procurement and sourcing functions, is becoming a part of the new normal in business. Organizations are beginning to hop aboard the technology train en route to their end destination: Innovation City and Top-Line Value Ave. . Along the way, there will be barriers to a smooth journey, but taking incremental steps towards change will allow organizations to overcome challenges. I'm no cowboy, but "There is a saying used by shooters that applies: "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast." In this context, it means that change management is vital to digital transformation, no matter how imminent the external threat" (O'Marah 2017).



Emerging technologies such as DevOps, IoT, automation/intelligent software, information technology service partnering, cloud computing and BYOD all straighten out the curves in the race to make changes that propel the enterprise forward. According to Joanie Walker, principal consultant at TayganPoint Consulting Group, while information technology service partnering adds federated change management requirements, cloud computing adds change management complexities in ITSM and architectural change, and BYOD requires change to address endpoint management strategies for employee and business partner devices. According to Walker, information technology service partnering challenges change management by requiring the enterprise to ensure that all information technology support staff work under a common change process. As for information technology service partnering, when partner employees don't follow the enterprise change management process, information security risks rise, says Walker.

Children who are worried about climate change can make sceptical parents change their minds,

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Informing parents of the risks posed by climate change may be best done through their children, a new study suggests. Researchers from the North Carolina State University (NCSU) designed a curriculum that was focused on raising climate change awareness in parents through middle school children. They found this to be an effective way of creating higher levels of concern in the parents. Male parents and conservative parents, who began least interested in climate change effects, showed the strongest change in attitude. Daughters were shown to be the most influential with their parents, the study found.

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NOT A SINGLE HAND GOES UP I then say, "What we are doing right now isn't working. We need new and better ways for digital change. NOT A SINGLE HAND GOES UP I then say, "What we are doing right now isn't working. We need new and better ways for digital change.