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VW is 'not afraid' of an Apple car


If Apple does go ahead with an electric car, Volkswagen won't be too worried about it. According to Reuters, VW chief Herbert Diess told Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung in an interview that his company was "not afraid" of an Apple car. The auto industry isn't a tech sector you can "take over at a single stroke," the CEO said. Whatever Apple brought to the table, it wouldn't dominate "overnight." Diess said it would make sense for Apple to enter the field, as it has skill in batteries, design and software. Rumors suggest Apple is betting on a "breakthrough" battery design that would offer more range.

Coming to an Apple store near you: The harder sell


Will it become a little more services-oriented? You're seated comfortably on your United Airlines flight. Flight attendants have made their announcements. You're about to sit back and relax when, oh, the flight attendant tries to interest you in a credit card. You wince and wish it would all stop.

Apple is not building a car, duh


I told you Apple would never build its own car. Okay, maybe Apple wanted to. There was enough smoke around the multi-year Apple Car rumor mill to indicate a fire, somewhere, but the arguments I made in 2015 still hold true. I outlined six reasons why Apple wouldn't build a car: As I saw it, the auto industry didn't need Apple. On the whole, it wasn't struggling: It has success, competition, innovation, and a thriving self-driving car race.

Apple car will launch later than we thought, report claims


If there's ever a reward for the most mythical gadget, the Apple car should win it. The fabled electric, self-driving vehicle has reportedly been in the works for at least six years, and a recent report rekindled hopes that we might see it on the roads fairly soon, as early as 2024. However, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is here to pour some cold water on those dreams. Kuo's recent research note (via MacRumors) says that Apple car will likely be launched in the period from 2025 to 2027, and possibly even later. The first time frame, Kuo says, is "if development starts this year and everything goes well" which sounds optimistic in a time of a global pandemic (not to mention "this year" only having four days left).

Apple in talks with Hyundai to co-develop 'Apple Car'


Hyundai Motor Group confirmed on Friday that it was in talks with Apple for a potential collaboration to develop the so-called Apple Car. A Hyundai spokesperson said Cupertino has proposed collaborations with a number of global automobile makers for the launch of an electric car, and Hyundai Motors was also in discussions. They stressed, however, that nothing was finalized and the pair was in early stages of talks. South Korean news media Hankyung said in a report that Hyundai has already finished reviewing Apple's proposal. All that was needed for the collaboration to start was for Hyundai chairman Chung Eui-sun to sign off on the deal, the report said.