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em Jeopardy! /em 's Latest Champion Isn't Just Winning the Game. He's Changing It.


In his 1984 fever dream "I Lost on Jeopardy," "Weird Al" Yankovic imagines disgracing his family for generations to come after he's outsmarted by an architect and a plumber on national television. But not even Weird Al could have conjured up current Jeopardy! In his first 11 victories, Holzhauer has broken scores of records and then broken some of his own. He is dismissing his competition with an enviable and breezy dispatch, and with winnings totaling $771,290, he is already one of the most successful contestants on any game show in television history. Holzhauer possesses a particular set of skills that have made him the most successful Jeopardy!

'Jeopardy!' crowns first-ever team champion with $1 million grand prize as past winners go head-to-head

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Alex Trebek has hinted that he may be ready to step away from'Jeopardy,' the game show he's hosted since 1984, and even went as far as to suggest potential replacements. Rutter's team faced off against fellow former contestant Ken Jennings, betting big on a Daily Double, he managed to position his team for a runaway victory as the show's "All-Star Games" concluded. Colby Burnett, Pam Mueller and Alan Lin took third place and $100,000 on the show hosted by Alex Trebek. Rutter entered the contest as the top winner on any game show with a haul of $4.3 million in regular and tournament "Jeopardy!" Jennings was a 74-game winner and top moneymaker in the quiz show's non-tournament competition with $2.5 million.

'Jeopardy!' fans are freaking out over the new format for its 'All Star Games'


When Alex Trebek appeared on the premiere of the Jeopardy! All Star Games on Wednesday evening and called the affair "a unique event in the 35 year history of Jeopardy! The quiz show decided to shake things up with "a format we have never ever before attempted," according to Trebek, for their first-ever team tournament. There are three rounds of trivia. The first is Single Jeopardy, where there are six categories each with five questions worth between $200 and $1,000.

'Jeopardy!' Legend Ken Jennings on James Holzhauer: 'It's Absolutely Insane'


In his 11-game run, James Holzhauer has dominated Jeopardy! He already holds the four highest-scoring games in the show's history, and his $771,920 regular-season winnings surpass all but one player in the Jeopardy! In 2004, he went on a 74-game, $2,520,700 romp, shattering Jeopardy! No one since has lasted more than 20 games, and no one has come anywhere near as close to the money record, especially not this quickly. In fact, at this same point in his own streak, Jennings had accumulated less than half of Holzhauer's haul so far.

How Professional Gambler James Holzhauer Broke 'Jeopardy!'


But until James Holzhauer put up his $110,914 total on Tuesday, no one had done it in a single game. He did with with smarts, sure--but also with a nearly flawless command of Jeopardy! The Jeopardy! board is arranged in a grid featuring 30 total clues across six categories. You'll often see players work their way through a single category, from easiest clue to hardest--and least to most valuable--before moving on to another column and repeating the process. That's one way to play, sure, in the same way that a light jog is one way to complete an Olympic steeplechase course.