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Nintendo Switch voice chat stops working if you turn off your phone's screen


Here's a fun fact about that new Nintendo Switch Online app: Voice chat is as awful as we'd feared. Most of you probably saw nonsense like this coming as soon as Nintendo confirmed that Switch online services would be relegated to an Android or iOS app. But now, the app is here and -- while limited -- it works with Splatoon 2. That means we can test it. SEE ALSO: 'Splatoon 2' voice chat leaves us asking: What exactly is Nintendo smoking? Mashable's own Kellen Beck fired up his copy of the game and created an online lobby there.

You'll need to PAY to play Nintendo Switch online from next week

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Nintendo fans will soon have to start paying for the privilege of playing video games online with their friends. The video game company has finally revealed when online functionality, which has been free to access for all players since the launch of the Nintendo Switch last year, will become a paid-for extra for owners of the console. Switch Online will launch on September 18 2018 and cost £18 ($20) for an annual subscription, or £3.49 This marks the first time Nintendo has charged players to access online multiplayer features, which were available for free on the Wii and the Wii U. A free seven-day trial will be available to all Switch owners at launch. Nintendo fans will soon have to pay for the privilege of playing the online elements of their favourite games.

Nintendo Switch Online Service Perks Teased Ahead Of Launch

International Business Times

Nintendo has promised something big when it's time for it to officially introduce its Nintendo Switch Online paid service. The company has also assured fans that it will be worth the wait.

Nintendo Switch Online will soon offer over 100 classic games


Nintendo will soon add five more classic games to Switch Online, bringing the total number of titles you can play through the subscription service to 104. The gaming giant used to add NES games to Switch Online on a monthly basis from the time it launched in 2018 until a year later. Shortly after it added a bunch of SNES titles to the selection members can choose from, though, Nintendo announced that it'll no longer release classic titles every month. While the company hasn't maintained a regular schedule for game uploads since then, it still rolled out updates often enough to be able to expand the service's library. The additional SNES and NES titles will land on Switch Online on May 26th.

A Nintendo Switch Online and microSD bundle is half off on Amazon


Hunkering down for the winter months can mean more time to play some new games while you stay inside. For Switch owners that want to play with friends remotely and get access to classic games, a Nintendo Switch Online membership is well worth the price. Now, Amazon has a deal on a bundle that includes one year of the Switch Online family plan and a 128GB SanDisk microSD card for $35. At its debut, the main selling point of the membership was online play, but Nintendo has added more perks to it over the years. It now includes online backups for gameplay data, access to the Switch Online mobile app that lets you voice chat with friends while you're playing together, and access to a library of more than 70 NES and SNES titles to play at any time.