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Like Prospera's AI application, iUNU's application wants to help farmers by placing cameras on tracks installed in their greenhouse ceilings. These cameras will use computer vision to identify health problems with growing plants.

Special Track on Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Business Applications

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The purpose of this track is to bring new insights in the design of the different types of culture- aware systems: Culture-aware intelligent tutoring systems, culture-aware educational systems, cross-cultural decision-making support systems.

8 ways to successfully get AI and analytics into production


"When you build a production analytic or AI system, there are two parts of the problem. One is having the right data and data access, and the other part of the problem is the analytics: actually running the software to analyze the data. Analytics applications require a lot of coordination, and with the increasingly widespread containerization of applications, it's essential to have a way to coordinate processes running in containers. Kubernetes, an open-source orchestration system for managing deployment of containerized applications, is emerging as a leading solution. But to avoid being limited as to which applications can be containerized, you need a data platform with the capability to persist data (state) from containerized applications as a variety of data structures.

AI applications that are changing the faces of recruitment


Jelpp is a great example of an applicant tracking software that uses machine learning. It is using large amount of existing quality information about the successful hires to find meaningful relationships. In other words it is analysing what kind of education and experience is valued for each of the positions and finding the most promising candidates on behalf of the recruiter. Jelpp analyses the open job position based on the job description and other parameters and compares those to candidates' applications. After the matching, Jelpp gives you a list of candidates who are most suitable for the open position based on real hiring data.

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Accounting Profession


Artificial Intelligence or AI is defined as the capacity of machines and software to exhibit or imitate a sense of cognitive intelligence. The idea behind AI holds great potential and yet also raises many concerns. But in the real world, the concerns it generates are not that grave but does, however, pose the threat of a revolutionary disruption trend similar to that of cloud accounting. There is no need to deny the fact that AI can become an invaluable business enhancement tool in professions where significant training is a necessary prerequisite. Professions where technical precision and right-minded judgments are necessary such as accounting also has great scope for AI applications.