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Dark net black markets are turning to bug bounty programs


Dark net black markets are taking a leaf out of many legit companies' book and turning to bounty hunters to find security flaws in their systems. Hansa Market is one of them. According to CyberScoop, the marketplace, which brought in $3 million last year, has launched a bug bounty program offering rewards worth up to 10 BTC or around $10,000. Considering marketplaces like Hansa sell drugs, illegal firearms, log-ins and other data, the websites likely want to amp up their security measures to protect their sellers from law enforcement. They also likely want to protect all the log-in/password dumps and other data for sale from other hackers who might break into their system to steal them.

Top 30 Companies in India to Work For in Data Science and Machine Learning


There are several companies in India ideal to work with for data science and machine learning. These companies take pride in their target industry, work culture, friendly working environment and different programs to expose employees to various projects, thus ensuring career growth. Here are the Top 30 in the list in no particular order. This company, with more than 200 data scientists, has an impact-oriented approach, which further develops the skills of their scientists. It lets them engage in managing the business to further understand the problems and provide better solutions.

Alphabay and Hansa Takedowns Ensnare Thousands of Dark Web Users


When AlphaBay, the world's largest dark web bazaar, went offline two weeks ago, it threw the darknet into chaos as its buyers and sellers scrambled to find new venues. What those dark web users didn't--and couldn't--know: That chaos was planned. Dutch authorities had already seized Hansa, another another major dark web market, the previous month. For weeks, they operated it as usual, quietly logging the user names, passwords, and activities of its visitors–including a massive influx of Alphabay refugees. On Thursday, Europol and the US Department of Justice jointly announced the fruits of a largest-ever sting operation against the dark web's black markets, including the seizure of AlphaBay, a market Europol estimates generated more than a billion dollars in sales of drugs, stolen data, and other illegal goods over its three years online.

These Trends Are Shaping the Industrial IoT


Sensors, controls, and network connectivity are now economically viable for ordinary products, not just high-value products. Every "thing" with an on-off switch can be reimagined as a smart, connected device. IoT assumes that analysis of sensor data streams, not direct display, is more useful and cost-effective. The "thing"--say, a machine--is connected to the internet so that its sensor readings and their results after analysis can be accessed by any other authorized internet-connected device. This can be a smartphone or tablet on the other side of the world, or an AI system learning how to operate the machine.