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Established in 2018, the Machine Intelligence Technology Laboratory comprises of a group of outstanding scientists and engineers, with research centers located in Hangzhou, Beijing, Seattle, Silicon Valley, and Singapore. Machine Intelligence Technology Laboratory is Alibaba's core team responsible for the research and development of artificial intelligence technologies. Relying on Alibaba's valuable massive data and machine learning/deep learning technologies, the lab has developed image recognition, speech interaction, natural language understanding, intelligent decision-making, and other core artificial intelligence technologies. It fully empowers Alibaba Group's important businesses such as e-commerce, finance, logistics, social interaction, and entertainment, and also provides outputs to ecosystem partners to jointly build a smart future. Image Search is an intelligent image search product that enables search by image using image recognition and search functions, based on deep learning and large-scale machine learning technologies.

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IBM will launch a Korean version of its AI platform Watson next year in cooperation with local IT service vendor SK C&C, the companies have announced. SK announced Monday that it signed a cooperation agreement with Big Blue on May 4 and will together build an integrated system to market Watson in South Korea. They will develop Korean data analysis solutions based on machine learning and natural language semantic analysis technology for Watson within this year, and will commercialise it sometime in the first half of 2017, SK said. IBM and SK will also build a "Watson Cloud Platform" at the Korean company's datacentre in Pangyo -- the local version of Silicon Valley -- that IT developers and managers can access to make their own applications. For example, an open market business can apply the Watson solution to its product search features to make a personalized contents recommendation solution.

Google's secretive AI is playing StarCraft 2 to develop human-like reasoning

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StarCraft 2: Google's secretive AI is playing the game to develop human-like reasoning Google's DeepMind has teamed up with games-maker Blizzard Entertainment to turn one of its hit video games into a learning environment for AI. Revealed: 300 million-year-old'lost' footprints give a... Google says its artificial intelligence has taught itself to... 'I spy, with my little drone...': This is the world's... Rise of the'cellfie': Parents-to-be can now see pictures of... Revealed: 300 million-year-old'lost' footprints give a... Google says its artificial intelligence has taught itself to... 'I spy, with my little drone...': This is the world's... Rise of the'cellfie': Parents-to-be can now see pictures of... Google's DeepMind believes the approach could bring benefits far beyond the games industry, enabling researchers to build and test smarter AI agents, which could transfer to the real world Barron Trump clapping during his father's appearance at RNC Penny for your thoughts: Cute baby laughs at hearing dad say 4p Mob storm police station and lynch suspected paedophile Homeless man has zebra-skin slipcovers & porcelain toilet Bear with us!: Workers rescue bear under concrete pit in Turkey All washed up! People desperately try free 4x4 stuck on beach 100 special police agents protect suspected paedophile from mob Surprise Castro is dead: Florida grandmother is shocked! Moment pranksters invade the X Factor stage after Honey G performs Girlfriend confronts'cheating boyfriend' at supermarket It was a long and tiresome night for 10-year-old Barron Trump Trollstation celebrate storming the X Factor stage in Wembley Surprise Castro is dead: Florida grandmother is shocked! Girlfriend confronts'cheating boyfriend' at supermarket Trump nemesis Rosie O'Donnell is slammed after speculating... Homeless man who turned freeway underpass into a personal... Donald goes to war as Hillary backs recount: Trump accuses... Trump launches furious morning Twitter rant at Hillary,... REVEALED: California supermom was heavily beaten and chained... Cop tries desperately to save a one-month-old girl who... ISIS fighters target Israel for the first time and are... Thousands of fans BOO Colin Kaepernick in Miami after he... Skating on thin ice: Wife of Vladimir Putin's spokesman... From sneaking into your teacher's house to winning prizes...

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NVIDIA is expanding its Deep Learning Institute (DLI) with new partnerships and educational courses. DLI, which trains thousands of students, developers and data scientists with critical skills needed to apply artificial intelligence, has joined hands with Booz Allen Hamilton and deeplearning.ai DLI and Booz Allen Hamilton will provide hands-on training for data scientists to solve challenging problems in healthcare, cybersecurity and defense. NVIDIA is also expanding its reach with the new NVIDIA University Ambassador Program that enables instructors worldwide to teach students critical job skills and practical applications of AI at no cost. The graphics processing designer is already working with professors at several universities, including Arizona State, Harvard, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and UCLA.

NVIDIA Launches New AI Technology at GTC Europe NVIDIA Blog


Our third regional GPU Technology Conference in as many weeks reached another packed house today, as NVIDIA co-founder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang unveiled technology that will accelerate the deep learning revolution. "GPU computing is at the beginning of something very, very important, a brand new revolution, what people call the AI revolution, the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution," Huang told a crowd of 1,600 scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and press, gathered at Amsterdam's gleaming waterfront music hall. "However you describe it, we think something really big is around the corner." In the latest stop in a tour that will bring GTC to eight cities around the world, Huang unveiled Xavier, our next-generation system-on-chip for powering self-driving cars; announced an agreement with TomTom, the Dutch mapping and navigation group, to use AI to create a cloud-to-car mapping system for self-driving cars; detailed our DriveWorks Alpha 1 release, and highlighted the work we're doing with some of Europe's most innovative startups and research labs. In the previous two weeks, Haung spoke at regional GTCs in Beijing and Taiwan that each drew crowds of more than 2,000.