Enterprises Lead ICT Innovation in Europe

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In global terms, Europe's information and communications technology (ICT) industry is small, overshadowed by the massive software industry and the extensive electronics industry in East Asia. But it does have some world-class companies, such as telecom equipment providers Nokia and Ericsson, online music platform Spotify, e-commerce company Zalando, enterprise software provider SAP, games developer Supercell (now owned by Tencent), embedded processor designer ARM (now owned by Softbank) and Skype (now owned by Microsoft). Moreover, some of the region's telecom groups, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, Orange, and Telef├│nica, are major multinationals with operations spanning several continents. Although it has only one of the top 10 artificial intelligence (AI) research institutionsa (CNRS in France) and no major cloud service providers or Internet platforms on the scale of Amazon, Microsoft, or Google, Europe does innovate in ICT. Whereas Europe's tech industry is cash-strapped, non-tech companies in Europe have more cash holdings than their counterparts in the U.S. or China.b

The coolest AI enabled tech and gadgets at CES 2017 - Clickatell


We expected to see artificial intelligence (AI), home and vehicle automation, smarter devices, augmented and virtual reality, and IoT to dominate at CES 2017. And truth be told it most certainly is not failing to deliver. In addition to new products in the usual consumer device categories like video game tech, TVs, and audio equipment we're seeing loads of the new trending technologies being showcased and it's clear that Christmas is not over at CES 2017. Everything from smart home bots, hacker-fighting routers and wallpaper TVs to super cool Lego Boost robotic kits that teach kids to code, is being shown off at the popular tech event making it super difficult to choose the coolest of them all. That said, here's a look at some of the top AI enabled tech and gadgets at CES 2017.

Cybersecurity in the Internet of Things is a game of incentives


Cybersecurity was the virtual elephant in the showroom at this month's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Attendees of the annual tech trade show, organized by the Consumer Technology Association, relished the opportunity to experience a future filled with delivery drones, autonomous vehicles, virtual and augmented reality and a plethora of "Internet of things" devices, including fridges, wearables, televisions, routers, speakers, washing machines and even robot home assistants. Given the proliferation of connected devices--already, there are estimated to be at least 6.4 billion--there remains the critical question of how to ensure their security. The cybersecurity challenge posed by the internet of things is unique. The scale of connected devices magnifies the consequences of insecurity.

Making money in the age of disruptions


With 20 years of investment industry experience under his belt, Mr Alexandra Mouthon says Pictet Asset Management's three equity strategies surrounding the themes of technology and artificial intelligence, or AI - security, digital and robotics - allow investors to get access to fast-growing disruptive technologies in a distinct way. All three strategies have outperformed the MSCI World Index since their respective launches. The three funds - Pictet-Security, Pictet-Digital and Pictet-Robotics - are available only for private bank and institutional clients in Singapore. Q There is so much discussion going on around disruptive technologies. What exactly are they and where does AI come into the picture?

The Morning After: Thursday, May 25th 2017


Welcome to hump day, and the Nokia 3310 is back for another round. Meanwhile, we explain why the legal system is ill-prepared for the future intersection of sex and technology, and take a look at a foundation planning for a future that's 10,000 years away. When a feature phone gets resurrected and it's still a feature phone. Paypal has harsh words for the music streaming service. Pandora recently donned a new look, with a new logo that looked very familiar to anyone who's ever used PayPal.