Barack Obama hasn't updated his LinkedIn page and now we're even more depressed


I'd been waiting for the LinkedIn notification, "News about Barack Obama," or "Congratulate Barack Obama on his new position." SEE ALSO: Barack Obama goes hard in the paint in'NBA 2K17' Then I checked the former President's LinkedIn page, one he created in 2007, while he was just an Illinois senator running for president. Barack Obama hasn't updated it. He's still listed as "The President of the United States of America." Reading his LinkedIn profile is like stepping into a socio-political time-machine, where everything is as it was pre-Jan.

How to Boost the Credibility of Your LinkedIn Profile Fast


People are becoming extremely skeptical about everything online. Several factors such as the rise of fake news and online frauds have contributed to this. Hence, if you want to use social media to drive engagement, traffic, and sales, you need to take steps to boost your profile's credibility. One social network in particular where you should pay attention to your credibility is Linkedin, as many people use it for generating leads. If people who check out your profile quickly trust you, they will want to work with you.

Reverse word of mouth advertising to find a new position


Reverse endorsement leverages the "Skills & Expertise" feature now found on most LinkedIn profiles. I believe that when LinkedIn introduced this feature, with the possibility for any LinkedIn member to endorse any skill for any of his/her LinkedIn connections, they thought that it would become a viral tool, because of the way endorsement works - indeed I call it reverse endorsement.

How to use LinkedIn to find your dream job

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A computer shows a LinkedIn graphic at a social media workshop in Minneapolis. So, you want a new job? If you're like more than 450 million others on the planet, you're going to turn to LinkedIn to let your fingers do the heavy lifting of finding a new position. I should know--I've been there, done that. But here's something I learned only recently: More and more businesses are using LinkedIn as either their primary, or in many cases exclusive, job-posting site -- which means you've got to learn how to play the LinkedIn game.

Recruiters, here's the best source of candidates you'll ever find… for FREE!


If you are a recruiter, then you'd agree that the one thing most recruiters would love to have is a recruiting source of top candidates that helps fill all their positions quickly. Imagine you had a gold mine, that one source that is extremely simple to use. That one source where you can just pick out the best hires, present them to your hiring managers and close positions in a jiffy? You'd say "Stop making things up. Nothing like that exists, really.