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If you are a recruiter, then you'd agree that the one thing most recruiters would love to have is a recruiting source of top candidates that helps fill all their positions quickly. Imagine you had a gold mine, that one source that is extremely simple to use. That one source where you can just pick out the best hires, present them to your hiring managers and close positions in a jiffy? You'd say "Stop making things up. Nothing like that exists, really.

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We just opened a text mining and NLP position at our group. We search for a technical researcher in bioinformatics, medical informatics, natural language processing, computational linguistics or language engineering with a strong background in Machine Learning (ML), who will be responsible of the integration of data and the implementation of search tools into the platform for natural language processing designed by the unit. Key Duties Design, implementation and evaluation of text mining, NLP, deep learning and ML tools and models applied to the clinical and biomedical application domain. Coordination and organization of shared tasks and evaluation campaigns (like IberLEF, CLEF eHealth,..). Technical coordination and supervision of Gold Standard annotation projects to generate high quality text corpora.

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A computer shows a LinkedIn graphic at a social media workshop in Minneapolis. So, you want a new job? If you're like more than 450 million others on the planet, you're going to turn to LinkedIn to let your fingers do the heavy lifting of finding a new position. I should know--I've been there, done that. But here's something I learned only recently: More and more businesses are using LinkedIn as either their primary, or in many cases exclusive, job-posting site -- which means you've got to learn how to play the LinkedIn game.

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