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Poly Effects fully merges Digit and Beebo into one super pedal


The Poly Effects Digit and Beebo are two of the more interesting guitar pedals to come out in the last few years. They feature large touchscreens and incredible depth for designing your own effects and instruments. They're basically virtual modular synths in a pedal format. While Digit and Beebo have different strengths, they are built on the exact same hardware platform and their firmware are completely interchangeable. That meant that, if you bought a Digit you could turn it into a Beebo with the push of a button, and vice versa.

'Legends Of Tomorrow' EP Teases Last Two Episodes Of Season 3

International Business Times

It looks like Season 3 of The CW's "Legends of Tomorrow" will end with a bang. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Marc Guggenheim said that they achieve "peak'Legends'" in the last two episodes of the current season. In next week's Season 3, episode 17, Sara (Caity Lotz) and Rip (Arthur Darvill) team up to stop Grodd from going after young Barack Obama. Titled as "Guest Starring John Noble," the installment also features an appearance by Noble, who voices Season 3 big bad Mallus. But instead of playing the time demon, Noble will appear as himself during the time he was filming "Lord of the Rings."

'Legends Of Tomorrow' Season 3 Finale Synopsis, Trailer Released

International Business Times

The Waverider crew tries to defeat Mallus once and for all in the Season 3 finale of "Legends of Tomorrow." According to the synopsis for Season 3, episode 18 of the CW series, the Legends' plan to vanquish Mallus (voiced by John Noble) by using the totems doesn't go as planned, forcing Rip (Arthur Darvill) to improvise. Members of the team find themselves regrouping in the Wild West where they run into their old pal Jonah Hex (Johnathon Schaech). While coming up with a new plan, Sara (Caity Lotz) leaves Ray (Brandon Routh) in charge of watching Damien Darhk (Neal McDonaugh). And despite a failed attempt to destroy Mallus using the totems, Amaya (Maisie Richarson-Sellers) remains determined to find a way to use the trinkets to destroy the time demon.

Hector is a virtual modular synth you can put in your real modular synth


Poly Effects has made quite a splash over the last couple of years with the Digit and Beebo -- two highly modular guitar pedals that covered everything from amp simulation to drum synthesis. Oh, also, the two pedals were completely interchangeable -- you could run Digit's firmware on the Beebo, and vice versa. Obviously, the logical next step would be to bring that small scale modularity to the large scale modular world of Eurorack, similar to what Empress did with the ZOIA and Euroburo. Hector is essentially a Digit / Beebo, but in a 30 HP Eurorack module. It has all the same effects modules, including the excellent convolution reverbs, ports of Mutable Instruments modules and a ton of modulation sources.

Beebo is basically a modular synth in guitar pedal form


When I reviewed the ZOIA, I said there was nothing else quite like it on the market. And that's still largely true, but the Beebo from Poly Effects is at least a close relative. It's, in theory, a "multi modulation pedal" for your guitar. But, in reality, it's a digital modular synth that just happens to excel at guitar effects. The front of the pedal has two knobs for changing parameters, three foot switches and a five-inch touchscreen where you build your patches. Just like the ZOIA, Beebo won't make any sound until you connect the virtual modules inside.