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Let us start from the very beginning. Artificial Intelligence has evolved over a period of time. In the 1950's AI started off as a program that could sense, reason, act and adapt. Artificial intelligence promises to revolutionize the automotive industry. Here we are not even talking about the impact AI is having on autonomous driving, connectivity, electrification, and shared m... Artificial Intelligence is about to hit the real estate industry, hard.

Futuristic Dubai office showcases 3-D printing's potential

Associated Press

A small group of employees in Dubai is starting to move into a new workspace that the emirate says is the world's first functional office building made using three-dimensional printer technology. Looking like a mashup of a "Jetsons" abode and an Apple Store, the compact office was printed out layer by layer over 17 days at a cost of 140,000, said Saif al-Aleeli, the CEO of a government initiative called the Dubai Future Foundation that is behind the project. Products made using 3-D printing are first designed on a computer and then printed out using a variety of materials, including metal, plastic and concrete. But the foundation says its Dubai office is the first "fully functional 3-D printed building," constructed with full services and meant for daily use.

Dubai to begin using artificial intelligence in government sector – Tech2


Dubai will soon be introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its government sectors, a media report said. A new Artificial Intelligence (AI) smart lab will soon begin training government officials to implement AI in a wide variety of tasks that will make lives easier, reported Khaleej Times on Tuesday. The lab, launched on Monday during a workshop by the Smart Dubai Office (SDO) and Smart Dubai Government Establishment, will begin training a batch of 200 persons next month, but will later on be open to researchers, students and the general public, said the report. "To move towards the future, we have to redefine government and embed AI in our services. We have no choice but to embrace technology," said Aisha Bint Butti Bin Bishr, Director-General of Smart Dubai Office.

Futuristic Dubai dreams of hyperloop transit tubes

U.S. News

An Emirati man passes by a poster presenting Hyperloop Dubai, The Future of Mass Transit at the Dubai Future Accelerators in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2016. A competition designing a system of tubes to zip people past Dubai's skyscraper-studded skyline near the speed of sound is more than a pipe dream for this desert sheikdom long fascinated with the future _ and with being the first ones there.